Acton Teacher Passionate for Teaching

Duncanville, TX- Teacher at Acton Elementary School in Duncanville, Texas uses her passion for teaching to motivate and encourage others in the profession. Natalie Chase understands the rewards and challenging experiences of the profession. Not only is she passionate about writing and encouraging people with her gift, she has been helping to serve students, families, and the community for nearly 17 years. She understands that educators are in dire need of encouragement and motivation in school cultures. With the demands of the profession in mind, prompted the birth of her first book. The Teacher’s Encourager, a faith based interactive devotional, is a necessary resource for educators in their quest to provide a solid foundation and purposeful instruction for students. She uses her unique personal and professional experiences to enable her to paint rays of sunshine by encouraging educators and providing practical challenges in their personal and professional life as they live out their calling in the classroom through encouragement. Visit her site at for more information on how to get your copy of The Teacher’s Encourager.

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