An excessive heat warning applies to pets, too

With temperatures hovering above 100 degrees, animals are at risk just as people are.

Fort Worth Animal Care & Control reminds Fort Worth residents to care for their pets and to look out for animals in distress. Here’s what to look for:

  • Pets can get dehydrated quickly in this heat, so make sure they have plenty of fresh, clean water at all times.
  • Make sure pets that are outdoors have a shady place to get out of the sun and there is good air ventilation/movement. Monitor them throughout the day.
  • For pets that are used to regular outdoor exercise, be careful not to over-exercise them in the summer. Morning walks are ideal.
  • If you’re hot, they’re hot.
  • Symptoms of overheating in pets include excessive panting or difficulty breathing, increased heart rate and drooling. If you see a pet experiencing weakness, stumbling or even collapse, cool the pet immediately by gently pouring cool water on them and seek medical attention as quickly as possible.

Report a pet you think might be in distress by contacting the city’s Customer Care Center at 817-392-1234.

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