CPD offers free crime reports and alerts

The Colleyville Police Department (CPD)has unveiled two ofits latest weapons against crime: Nixle andCrimeReports. Based on the premise that an informed public is a safer public, these programs provide the latest information on police activity within the Colleyville area to the general public. In an effort to promote and enhance their community policing efforts, the Colleyville Police Department is providing both services for free to the Colleyville community.

CrimeReports.com is a service offering crime-mapping technology to citizens, allowing them to view crime and police activity in their neighborhoods via user-friendly, interactive maps. Displayed in Google map or Google Earth formats, community users can create a profile on the types of crime they want to view or for specific locations.

Users can also subscribe to phone and email alerts (including an iPhone application). [Tip: For quickest access, type in an exact location-home or office, or use the drop down menu to choose Colleyville.] The Nixle information system enables the Colleyville Police Department to immediately disseminate geographically relevant information, such as notable crime activity or major incidents. Nixle does not share or sell customer’s personal information. It is endorsed by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, International Fire Emergency Responders Network, National Sheriff’s Association, and a host of other public agencies.

In addition to the information these tools offer citizens, they provide the Colleyville Police Department with delivery of real-time crime analysis data (reports, analysis, user-defined graphs, charts, and spreadsheets) to more quickly and efficiently address crime issues and prevent others from occurring. Crimes may be categorized by police district or specific neighborhoods, and community policing initiatives can be displayed to offer the public information on the proactive efforts of the Colleyville Police Department

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