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Robotics Team Competes at Vex Robotics Tournament

Eight Carroll Robotics teams competed at the Greenville VEX In the Zone High School Tournament in Greenville, TX, on Saturday, December 9.

Six Carroll teams competed in the elimination matches with the alliance of 7110A, 7110Z and 7110S reaching the semi-finals. Team 7110A received the Design Award, which is a state-qualifying award. Students on Team 7110A include Ben Dao, Austin Lehrmann, Cody Vu, Daniel Harslem, Coleman Bond, Harrison Platt, Jake Zenick and JJ Reed.

The VEX Robotics State Championship Tournament will be held on Saturday, February 24, 2018, in Greenville, TX.

Carroll Senior High will be hosting the next VEX Robotics Tournament on Saturday, January 13.

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Dragon Football Well Represented In All-District Honors

The Carroll Dragons finished with a 10-4 season in the Class 6A Division II state quarterfinals after falling last Saturday vs. Waco Midway. The Dragons also earned several top honors on this year’s 5-6A All-District list.

First-team Dragon selections on offense included quarterback Will Bowers, running back TJ McDaniel, receivers Cade Bell and Hudson Shrum, offensive linemen Jackson Kimble, Henry Mossberg, and Matthew Leehan and tight end Jacob Doddridge.

Safety R.J. Mickens, linebackers Michael Parrish and Ryan Thompson, and defensive end Jacob Doddridge were first-team selections on defense.

The following are all of the Dragon selections.

5-6A All-District Honors

1st Team Offense
#72 Jackson Kimble – OT
#76 Henry Mossberg – OT
#48 Jacob Doddridge TE
#55 Matthew Leehan – C
#6 Cade Bell – WR
#7 Hudson Shrum – WR
#4 TJ McDaniel – RB
#14 Will Bowers – QB

1st Team All-District Defense
#41 Michael Parrish – LB
#32 Ryan Thompson – LB
#48 Jacob Doddridge – DE
#10 RJ Mickens – S

2nd Team All-District
#65 Cameron Hataway – OL
#68 Andrej Karic – OL
#39 Matty Werner – LB
#34 Graham Faloona – LB
#13 Jake Fex – S

All-District Honorable Mention
#21 Hayden Hayes CB
#5 Wills Meyer – WR
#93 Alex Kingston – DE
#43 Preston Forney – TE
#11 Darryl Crockett – WR
#23 Joe DeVincenzo – CB
#9 Carson White – WR

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Featured Local Business Report for December 2017

When Tiffany Taylor and Leon Chen were college sophomores at the University of Texas, she stood him up for a date and delivered hot-from-the-oven cookies to apologize.

Leon convinced Tiff to turn her cookies into a business, and Tiff’s Treats was born.

The company started as small as you can get, with the two of them taking orders on a cell phone and baking cookies in the oven at Leon’s apartment.  In 2000, Tiff’s Treats expanded into a real kitchen on the Drag across from UT, sharing a space with Spudnik, a potato restaurant. In 2003, they moved into their own stand-alone location—a converted 1940’s bungalow at MLK & Nueces that still serves as their Central Austin location servicing UT and downtown.

They’ve always tried to keep their menu small, to keep their dough fresh and ensure they never run out of your favorite flavors. Of course, they’ve got ice cream and brownies, as well as a few other delicious delights. Please stop by and try one of their delicious treats (MENU)!

To see the City Council presentation click here.

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School Board Approves District of Innovation Plan

The District of Innovation (DOI) plan was officially approved on second reading by the Carroll ISD School Board on Monday, December 4. Following Board approval, the Commissioner was notified that CISD met all the requirements to become a DOI. School officials said the commissioner’s approval is not needed to make DOI official.

The DOI process began when the Carroll ISD Board of Trustees passed a resolution May 1, initiating the process of exploring and considering DOI designation for CISD. Over the summer months, District administrators began to assemble a committee composed of teachers, parents, local business and community members, and CISD Trustees. This committee gathered to help process the focus areas of the committee and help form the Local Innovation Plan.

One of the main components of becoming a DOI is the district’s ability to have more flexibility with the school calendar for the upcoming year. . In consultation with staff and community stakeholders, A CISD Calendar Committee will develop its annual calendar recommendation for approval by the Board of Trustees. Through the exemption, the first day of instruction can begin prior to the fourth Monday in August. Preference will be given to starting instruction around the third week in August with assurances to the community the school year will not begin prior to the second week in August.

Current law restricts CISD from having the flexibility to design its calendar to best meet the needs of its students, staff and community. Because the community expects the fall semester to end with final exams before the winter break, the restricted start date creates a significant imbalance in the number of instructional days in each semester. By starting earlier, not only will there be greater balance, which is particularly important in semester long courses, but it will also allow more instructional days prior to state testing dates.

The DOI exemption could result in an earlier end date, closer to the Memorial Day holiday, which is also an expressed preference of the community. Finishing school closer to the Memorial Day holiday will better allow students to enroll in summer school classes within CISD as well as institutions of higher learning.

A calendar sub-committee of the District Advisory Committee met on December 6, and will meet again on December 12, to develop draft calendar options to be presented to the Board at the December 18 meeting. Following Trustee discussion, CISD will seek input from the Carroll community, parents, students, and staff, through the two-way communication tool, Let’s Talk.

Janet McDade, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services, said other DOI areas of interest for Carroll ISD are flexibility when it comes to teacher certification and teacher appraisal processes.

“I am very excited that we have completed the Local Plan for District of Innovation in Carroll ISD,” said McDade. “Having this Local Plan in place will allow for more local control and flexibility which will benefit our students, staff, and parents. The goal while writing our Local Plan was to ensure it was aligned with the District’s Strategic Plan, and I am happy to say we accomplished our goal.”

Carroll ISD remains committed to hiring highly qualified professionals with appropriate certifications, and will continue to seek certified teachers to best serve its students. The district will establish its own exemption criteria regarding hiring, training, and support of locally certified teachers to best serve CISD students.

According to McDade, the exemption process will allow CISD to issue a local teaching certificate for qualified individuals to teach CTE courses, unique electives, and other innovative classes related to technology, engineering, and the arts, as many people who have qualifications in these fields do not hold a traditional teaching certification. With this exemption process, CISD would be able to hire community college instructors, college professors, lawyers, judges, and individuals from trades, industries, and vocations with professional experience and industry knowledge.

McDade said CISD is also seeking flexibility within the recommended Texas appraisal process for teachers and staff evaluated using the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS). CISD seeks to continue utilizing portions of the T-TESS model as the teacher evaluation appraisal instrument, while desiring exemption from the Student Growth Measure. Data provided from district and campus local assessments will continue to be utilized to determine overall student growth and performance.

For more information on DOI, visit the District of Innovation page on the Carroll ISD website.

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Orange Barrel Alert: Traffic Lanes Opening on Kirkwood Blvd.

On Monday, December 18, traffic lanes on Kirkwood Blvd. in front of the Sabre facility will be open. The lanes had been closed due to the construction of the TD Ameritrade facility.

The three-way stop at the southern Sabre driveway will be removed and traffic will return to normal operation. Due to ongoing construction further south on Kirkwood Blvd. a new three-way sign will be moved to the southern driveway at the new TD Ameritrade facility.

Signage will be in place to help motorists. Please contact Public Works with any questions at (817) 748-8098.

Kirkwood Blvd. Map

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Carroll ISD Inclement Winter Weather Procedure Reminder

With Texas’ ever-changing weather, Carroll ISD would like to remind the community the procedure for inclement winter weather.

The district considers the safety of our students and staff a top priority and will always respond first to the immediate emergency. After ensuring the safety of our Dragons, our next priority will be communicating with parents. Parents may not receive an immediate storm communication while the district manages the actual emergency.

Carroll ISD monitors the National Weather Service and local meteorologist forecasts before making decisions to close or delay school. Officials try to provide details about school closings to staff, students and parents before 6 a.m. Keep in mind that district buses begin their routes very early, but conditions change so rapidly in Texas that sometimes conditions and temperatures improve by the time buses begin their routes. So, the decision regarding the school schedule may not be made until the early morning hours before a school day. When at all possible, we do consider compelling facts in order to make a decision the night before.

Factors considered before making a weather-related decision about school include:

  • road conditions, temperatures
  • the presence of snow, ice, and sleet
  • teen driver safety
  • sidewalk and parking lot conditions; and
  • the ability for staff who live outside our district to get to work
  • whether or not HVAC systems are operating correctly; and
  • whether or not neighboring school districts are having school.

Key Communication Steps by Carroll ISD to announce weather alerts:

  • Respond first to emergency internally by communicating with staff and securing students
  • Post Twitter/Facebook alerts
  • Add weather announcements on District Website and MySouthlakeNews.com
  • Send weather alerts through Mobile Dragon App
  • Call and Email staff and parents via Connect-ED telephone notification system

District Website, MySouthlakeNews.com, & Social Media: Twitter is one of the first forms of communication for Carroll ISD. You can follow @Carrollisd for official alerts and notices using the hashtag #SAFEdragon. When the situation permits, the district will also post closings to the district’s website at www.southlakecarroll.edu, Facebook page, and MySouthlakeNews.com. Social media is a great way to connect and interact with our students online. However, students and adults are reminded that although we want to connect with them on social media, they are to remain respectful of authority when communicating.

Social Media Reminder:  False reports of school closings, accidents or injuries by students will not be tolerated, nor will inappropriate language or references that violate the Student Code of Conduct. Remind your child that social media sites are monitored by district officials. Please help us teach the students the appropriate way to communicate. Before posting, THINK – is it True? Is it Helpful? Is it Inspiring? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind?

Mobile Dragon App:  You can download our free Mobile Dragon App by searching for Carroll Dragons in the app store on your smartphone.  Once the app is downloaded to your phone, you can change the settings and notifications to alert you when messages are texted from Carroll ISD to followers via the mobile app. Once Carroll ISD has tweeted the weather-related message under the hashtag #SAFEdragon, a similar/consistent message will be sent through the Dragon Mobile app.

Emergency Notification System: Weather-related school closings and delays will be communicated to employees and parents via the district’s emergency telephone notification system (Connect-ED). The system can call ALL the emergency contact numbers simultaneously. NOTE:  Please be sure that your contact information is up-to-date in Skyward Family Access. The district uses the emergency contact information provided by parents for the emergency notification system. Staff and student information are updated nightly to ensure accurate communications. In addition to a phone call, staff and parents should also receive a corresponding written email message.

Radio & Television Announcements: Official announcements during inclement weather will still be made on DFW radio and television stations, including WBAP News Talk 820 AM, KRLD 1080-AM and on KXAS Channel 5, KDFW Fox 4 News, KTVT Channel 11 and WFAA Channel 8.

Questions about district procedures may be directed to the Board & Community Relations Department at 817-949-7080.

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FM 1938 Update: Work Started on Underground Drainage Structure

On Monday, December 11 heavy excavation for the construction of an underground drainage structure north of Beam Drive started.

Construction of a large underground drainage structure north of Beam Drive was included in the overall construction project to provide flood protection for the properties downstream of FM 1938. Unexpected site conditions and historic rain fall caused complications during and after the original installation of these facilities resulting in an extensive investigation. The findings led TxDOT to select a totally different product and type of construction for the replacement of these facilities.

FM 1938 WORK ZONEMotorists should expect that storm drain construction will take place behind the existing barricades between Beam Drive and Randol Mill. No lane closures will be necessary; however, construction crews will need to periodically stop traffic to allow vehicles and equipment to enter the work area.

Thank you for your patience during this project. If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 817-748-8098.

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Floral Design Course Helps Blossom Student Creativity

“It’s oddly therapeutic, getting to arrange things; it’s like another form of art where you can express yourself.” Mikayla Gist, Carroll Senior High School Floral Design student, says as she works on a holiday floral arrangement that features roses, cinnamon sticks and bunches of pine needles.

In its second year as an elective option for students, the Floral Design program has provided a unique and nontraditional way for students to create beautiful works of art. Carroll Senior High School currently offers four Floral Design I sections and one Floral Design II section. In these classes, students learn everything from floral identification to the actual business side of running a company.

For teacher Johanna Belwood, it’s all about giving her students an experience that resembles the actual daily life of a florist or business owner.

“Being a CTE class, I want my students to have real-world experience and make a product that is going to be used,” Belwood states. “Making something that is really going into someone’s house makes all the difference in the world.”

Currently, both classes are working on holiday arrangements that are available for the public to purchase. Eden Monrad, a senior in the program, enjoys working on a project that the community can display during the holidays.

“Knowing someone is spending their own money on pieces that we work on really makes us want to work hard on making them nice,” Monrad says.

Belwood is in her second year with Carroll ISD and appreciates all the support the community has shown for the program. The students have created floral arrangements for local businesses, district events, and even wedding rehearsal dinners. While creating these beautiful pieces is exciting, Belwood’s favorite part of the class is seeing kids realize they can express themselves through their floral designs.

“I have so many kids say they took this class because they can’t draw or they aren’t artistic and it’s a fun way for them to discover that yes they are,” Belwood says. “There are so many ways to be artistic and flowers are just one way of them.”

Currently, the program has a limited supply of the holiday arrangements still available. If you are interested in purchasing an arrangement, click here. All proceeds from sales go directly back to the program and help students create even more unique pieces of art.

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Renovation Update for DPS West Facility

Renovations are moving forward at the Southlake DPS West Fire and Police Station.

The improvements will enhance the safety and security of the building with a larger community room, updated offices, replacement of the air conditioning rooftop units, as well as updated plumbing and electrical wiring. The renovations will also address the cosmetic and maintenance issues caused by significant foundation movement.

“This is a phased construction project so that our first responders will continue to meet our required response times for emergency situations,” said Fire Chief Michael Starr.

Other improvements include:

  • Replacement of fire bay doors with added auto-close safety feature
  • Installation of a modern exhaust system to capture the potential carcinogens found in fire apparatus’s exhaust
  • Replacement of backup generator
  • Expansion of dayroom and kitchen
  • Gated access to area behind the facility exterior and landscaping improvements

The DPS West facility was originally constructed in 2001 housing both Fire Department and Police Department personnel. Since then, the City has opened the DPS Headquarters facility in 2009 and the DPS North Training facility in 2013.

The City’s proposed plans to update and modernize the west station originally included four bids that were presented and reviewed by the Crime Control & Prevention District (CCPD) and approved by City Council on September 5, 2017, at a cost of $1,961,366.16. The majority of the renovation cost is being funded through CCPD fund with a smaller portion (approximately $300,000) coming from the City’s general fund. The contract was awarded to HCI General Contractors.

“DPS West will continue to house the Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Section and the Office of Traffic Management.  These teams are vital to ensuring the safety of Southlake’s motoring public as we strive to increase mobility,” said Police Chief James Brandon.

Watch for periodic updates to follow the progress of the DPS West renovation. The project is anticipated to be completed in the summer of 2018.


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Tarrant County Issues Burning Ban

As of today, all outdoor burning in Tarrant County is PROHIBITED.

Tarrant County Commissioner’s Court approved and issued an Outdoor Burning Ban for Tarrant County today. The Outdoor Burning Ban will be in place for the next ninety (90) days.

The unincorporated areas of Tarrant County have been determined to be under drought conditions by the Texas Forest Service.  These conditions have prompted the Tarrant County Fire Marshal to request the Ban on Outdoor Burning in an effort to protect lives and properties of the residents in Tarrant County. Denton County is also under a 90-day outdoor burning ban.

A violation of the Court Order Prohibiting Outdoor Burning is a class C Misdemeanor and punishable by a fine up to $500.00.

For information on outdoor cooking and outdoor welding guidelines, you can go to the Tarrant County website.

We urge all residents of Tarrant County to help us during this time.

For our residents in the rural areas, we suggest you make sure that you keep an area of approximately 30 feet mowed around your home and outbuildings to prevent a fire from reaching your structures.

Residents should also take measures to protect their homes by removing unwanted combustible debris and vegetation away from their homes and be sure to keep water hoses readily accessible in the event a small fire starts.

All Tarrant County residents are cautioned to BE SAFE during the burn ban.

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