DPS Volunteers Help Make Southlake Possible

In 2018, over 6 million volunteers in the state of Texas contributed over 563 million hours of service, according to the Corporation for National and Community Service. Because of volunteers, organizations are able to see success in their initiatives by connecting generous participants with programs in need of resources and community involvement.

The City of Southlake is no exception. Our volunteers are a key resource to help make Southlake possible together.

Volunteering with the City isn’t always a few hours here and there. Southlake Department of Public Safety volunteers remain committed throughout the year to provide extra resources to the City.

During 2019, around 40 DPS volunteers completed over 3,600 hours of service to help make Southlake a better place. The devotion of the volunteers hasn’t gone unnoticed.

DPS volunteers are required to complete the Fire and Police Citizens Academy and maintain a commitment to be on call as needs arise. The academy is a one evening per week course that lasts 10 weeks and provides volunteers a working knowledge of the police and fire departments.

“Our volunteers are the best and we owe a lot of our success to them,” DPS Community Initiatives Coordinator Valerie Snyder said. “Because of them, our teams are able to achieve the highest standards for fire and police.

DPS volunteers provide citizen on patrol ride outs, event support and serve on the fire rehab team, making sure the fire team’s physical condition is maintained during an emergency or drill.

“Our volunteers are dedicated and take pride in giving back to their community,” Fire Prevention Officer Renni Burt said. “Together we are able to accomplish our goal to protect Southlake.”

For more information about volunteering, visit www.volunteersouthlake.com.

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Dragon Hall of Honor Inducts New Class

Saturday night, the Dragon Hall of Honor inducted their latest class of honorees. The night filled with powerful speeches and great memories was held at the Hilton in Southlake.

Founded in 2011, the Carroll ISD Athletic Department created an Athletic Hall of Honor to celebrate excellence and salute the contributions of individuals, teams, and supporters whose advancement and excellence of athletics in Carroll ISD and beyond.

2019 Hall of Honor Inductees

Chance Caple                                                       Athlete; Class of 1996, Baseball

Eddie Cheatham                                                Athlete; Class of 1965, Football

Carey Clayton                                                    Athlete; Class of 1996, Football/Track

Tina Mitchell                                                      Athlete; Class of 1973, Girls Basketball

Peggy O’Brien                                                    Athlete; Class of 1972, Girls Basketball

Greg Oglesby                                                        Coach; 1994-2018, Soccer

Clint Renfro                                                        Athlete; Class of 2006, Football/Track

Jonathan Roberts                                               Athlete; Class of 2014, Swimming

Tashia Wooldridge                                             Athlete; Class of 2003, Track

Karen Clayton Young                                       Athlete; Class of 1997, Girls Basketball

1975 Girls Basketball Team                              Team  Recognition

2002 Boys Baseball Team                                 Team  Recognition

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The Citizen Satisfaction Survey Results Are In

We asked and you answered! The Citizen Satisfaction Survey Results are now available on the City of Southlake’s website.

In late 2019, residents were asked to provide their feedback on their quality of life in Southlake by participating in the Citizen Satisfaction Survey.

The survey, conducted by Decision Analyst Inc. is given every two years. It is a tool used to measure resident satisfaction with City services such as safety and security, mobility, infrastructure, quality development, partnerships and volunteerism.

The results and analysis provide the City with information on community issues and serves as a guideline on how the City will implement strategies to address residents’ concerns.

“The survey gives us a way to hear directly from Southlake residents about their quality of life and to understand their experience with our services,” Assistant City Manager Alison Ortowski said. “It also provides us a way to identify and prioritize unmet needs and track internal performance.”

The survey is also used for future planning and development projects, budgeting and City policies.

More than 1,080 residents participated in the online survey, which was open from October 1, 2019, to October 30, 2019.

“We are thankful to all who took the time to let us know how we are performing,” Ortowski said, “The feedback helps City Council plan and make better strategic decisions for the future of Southlake.”

Questions about the Citizen Satisfaction Survey can be directed to the City Manager’s Office at 817-748-8400. To view the results, click here.

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Carroll Elementary Celebrates One of their Own

Carroll Elementary staff and students pulled off an outstanding surprise earlier today in honor of one of their own. Ms. Jenny Lopez, members of the maintenance staff for the campus recently completed all the qualifications to become a United States Citizen. The campus surprised her with a pep rally in her honor.

Lopez entered the gymnasium to the sounds of patriotic music, cheers from those in attendance and hundreds of waving American flags. During the event, Principal Stacy Wagnon described the process that Lopez went through to earn her citizenship and lead a quick “quiz” to see if any of the students knew the answers to the test questions from her citizenship test.

The event concluded with the singing of the National Anthem. For Lopez, it was an emotional moment she won’t soon forget.

“When I walked through the doors, I was so excited,” Lopez said. “I have been working on this for over a year and a half, and today was very special to me.”

There is an extensive process for someone to become a U.S. citizen including a naturalization interview, an English test, and a civics test. Once the process is complete, the new citizen gets to take the Oath of Allegiance to the United States. Lopez will be taking that oath in the next few weeks.

Director of Facilities, Bob Carabajal has been able to walk alongside Lopez through this process, is thankful that this moment was shared with the students that love Lopez so much.

“Jenny does an amazing job taking care of her Dragon family here at Carroll Elementary,” Carbajal said. “You can see it in the smiles on the students’ faces when she walks down the hall, they absolutely love her here. For the students, staff and our department to be able to share this with her is a very special moment for her but also all of us.”

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Flag Flown Over Nation’s Capitol Presented to Dragon Media

U.S. Representative Ron Wright visited Carroll Senior High School this morning for a special presentation to the crew of Dragon Media.

In late November 2019, Dragon Media traveled the Washington D.C. to attend the National Journalism Education Association (JEA) Conference. During their visit, they were given a personal tour of the nation’s capitol from Representative Wright that included seats in the gallery during a congressional vote.

During their time in Washington D.C., Representative Wright requested that a US flag be flown over the capitol building in Dragon Media’s honor.

Today, he delivered and presented that flag to the students and teachers present on the trip. He spoke to the students on the importance of young, intelligent students learning the art of journalism for our country as a whole.

“Americans still rely on the journalist to inform them of what is happening around the world,” Representative Wright said. “Learning the steps of real journalism at this age, in a program like Dragon Media, is extremely important to the future of our country.”

For senior Libby Lester, the trip and this presentation were one of the many highlights of her final year at Carroll Senior High School.

“Seeing how the media works in the nations capitol was an incredible experience,” Lester said. “Seeing how politics and the media work together was extremely interesting.”

During the trip to Washington, the students had the opportunity to tour the White House and take a tour of the Newseum, and learned from industry professionals at the JEA conference.

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Dragon Swimming and Dives Win 5-6A District Title

The Dragon Varsity Swimmers and Divers were in action this past Friday and Saturday for the District 5-6A Swimming & Diving Championships at the Lewisville Westside Aquatic Center.

The Dragons competed well, advancing all six relays, all seven divers and 32 of 40 swimmers to the Region 2-6A Championships in two weeks.

28-32 individual swimmers in most events, maximum 4 entries for each of eight schools, Top 6 individuals in each event advance to Regionals.

Each Team is allowed one relay per relay competition.  Top six relays advance to Regionals.

Team Scores:
1.  Southlake Carroll.     219
2.  Flower Mound         153 (2nd best Girl’s Team in all of DFW and North Texas)
3.  Lewisville Marcus.     62
4.  Lewisville Hebron.     40
5.  Coppell.                   40
6.  Trinity.                     17
7.  L. D. Bell                   16
8.  Lewisville                   6

1.  Southlake Carroll.     217
2.  Flower Mound           98
3.  Coppell                     76
4.  Lewisville Marcus       64
5.  Lewisville Hebron       57
6.  Lewisville                 18
6.  Trinity                       18
8.  L. D. Bell                   6

Regional qualifying relays for the Dragons included
1st 200 med relay 1:44.68 with Hailey Heldenbrand, Corbyn Cormack, Kit Kat Zenick and Madelyn Clem
1st. 200 free relay. 1:36.36 with Riley Francis, Madelyn Clem, Corbyn Cormack and Ashley Zettle
1st 400 free relay. 3:27.89 with Kit Kat Zenick, Riley Francis, Ashley Zettle and Kate Heintz

1st 200 med relay 1:35.22 with Christian Balint, Andrew Fu, Ryan Perham and Michael Kietzman
1st 200 free relay  1:27.79 with Ryan Perham, Michael Kietzman, Andrew Zettle and Nicholas Swafford
2nd 400 free relay 3:13.21 with Andrew Zettle, Mason Edmund, Nicholas Swafford and Jackson Pogue

Top 12 individual finishers for the Dragon Girls included:  *(Top 6 to Regionals)
*1st Riley Francis 200 free. 1:49.38
*1st 50 free. Kit Kat Zenick. 22.65
*1st Kit Kat Zenick 100 free. 49.64
*1st. Diving. Hailey Hernandez 509.55
*2nd Diving. Bridgett O’Neil.  460.50
*2nd Ashley Zettle 200 free. 1:51.94
*2nd Morgan Chocholek. 100 fly. 58.53
*2nd Corbyn Cormack 200 IM. 2:03.83
*2nd Riley Francis. 100 free. 50.87
*2nd Kate Heintz. 500 free. 5:00.57
*2nd Hailey Heldenbrand 100 back 58.57
*2nd. Corbyn Cormack. 100 breast 1:04.66
*3rd. Ashley Zettle. 500 free. 5:02.98
*3rd Diving. Allison Ward.   449.10
*3rd 50 free Bailey Kaiser. 24.42
*4th Kate Heintz. 200 free.  1:53.03
*4th. 50 free. Riley Heck.  24.53
*4th Tina Karl.  100 fly. 59.20
*5th Madelyn Clem 100 free. 53.04
*5th Emily Hatcher   100 fly. 1:00.09
*5th. 50 free Madelyn Clem. 24.57
*5th Diving. Kyleigh Kidd. 394.25
*5th Dylin Cormack 200 IM. 2:10.64
*5th Isabella Woods. 500 free. 5:07.34
*6th Sarah Chappell. 100 breast 1:06.20
*6th Alexis Drap. 500 free 5:07.82
*6th Isabella Woods. 200 free. 1:54.80
7th Sarah Chappell. 200 IM. 2:12.18
7th Bailey Kaiser. 100 breast  1:06.55
7th. Dylin Cormack 100 back. 1:01.46
8th Tina Karl. 200 IM. 2:14.69
9th Emily Cundiff. 100 fly. 1:01.18
9th  Reyna Clark. 100 back. 1:03.12
10th. Isabella Miller 100 back. 1:04.47
10th Kacey Ross. 100 free. 54.98
10th. Morgan Chocholek 100 breast. 1:09.31

Top 12 Individual finishers for the Dragon Boys included:  (Top 6 to Regionals)
*1st Mason Edmund. 500 free. 4:34.47
*1st. Ryan Perham. 50 free. 21.24
*1st  Diving. Jackson Miller. 466.45
*1st. Ryan Perham. 100 fly. 50.15
*1st Andrew Fu. 100 breast. 1:01.22
*2nd. Grayson Whitsett.  100 breast. 1:01.84
*2nd Jackson Pogue. 100 fly. 52.20
*2nd Diving. Phillip Kleiman. 416.95
*2nd Michael Kietzman. 50 free. 21.65
*2nd Mason Edmund 200 free. 1:43.78
*2nd Christian Balint 200 IM. 1:57.60
*2nd Andrew Zettle. 100 free. 48.01. (47.40 lead-off on relay)
*3rd. Cam Walter. 100 breast. 1:02.05
*3rd. Michael Kietzman. 100 free. 48.36
*3rd. Cam Walter. 200 IM. 2:01.28
*3rd Christian Balint 100 back. 54.52
*4th Nicholas Swafford. 50 free. 22.18
*4th Andrew Zettle. 200 free.  1:44.02
*4th Jackson Pogue. 500 free. 4:48.01
*5th Bennett Bibza. 500 free. 4:52.02
*5th John Stoklas. 200 IM. 2:05.35
*6th Nicholas Swafford. 100 free. 48.97
*6th Diving  Ried Klein. 310.15
*6th. Bennett Bibza. 200 free.  1:49.64
*6th Luke Wenger 100 fly. 54.69
*6th Eric Eaton. 500 free. 4:56.15
*6th Tyler Casey 100 back. 56.63
7th Ryan Spielvogel. 100 fly. 55.97
7th. Luke Wenger. 100 back. 57.65
7th Tyler Casey. 50 free. 22.59
8th. John Stoklas. 100 breast. 1:03.68
8th Dutch Mark. 200 IM. 2:10.89
10th. Leo Lin. 200 free. 1:53.92
11th Mark Li. 100 back. 1:00.88
12th Jack Fergus 100 free. 51.52

Congratulations to ALL Dragon Swimmers and Divers and Coaches on a job well done at our 2020 District 5-6A Swim/Dive Championships.

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12th Annual Apex Jazz Festival featuring the UNT One O’clock Lab Band

With its 12th Annual Jazz Fest, the Apex Arts League will present the University of Texas One O’clock Lab Band in concert on Saturday, February 29 at 7 p.m., at Carroll Senior High School Auditorium located at 1501 West Southlake Boulevard.

These three talented high school jazz bands will open the program, performing commissioned pieces written by composition students at UNT.

  • Carroll High School
  • Boswell High School
  • Denton High School

The One O’Clock, under the direction of Alan Baylock, is the premier seven time Grammy- nominated performing jazz ensemble from the internationally acclaimed University of North Texas’ Jazz Studies Program.

Tickets can be purchased online at apexartsleague.com or at the door.

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Dance with Your Sweetheart at Legends Hall!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the ones you love most while dancing the night away at Southlake’s annual Sweetheart Dance coming up on February 8.

This year’s theme is the Roaring 20s, so come dressed in your best 20s era attire, and get ready to have swanky good time! The evening will include a live DJ, limo rides, light refreshments, a candy snack bar, and lots of photo opportunities.

Two identical dance sessions are available so there’s plenty of room on the dance floor for everyone. Register online today to reserve your spot!

February 8, 2020
Session 1: 5:30 – 7:00pm
Session 2: 7:30 – 9:00pm

Location: Legends Hall at The Marq Southlake

Member Fee: $14
Non-Member Fee: $18
Children under 3 are free.
Register here.


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School Board Filing for the May Election Begins January 15

Filing begins January 15 for three Places on the Carroll Independent School District Board of Trustees. Places 1, 2 and 3, held by Michelle Moore, Bradley Taylor, and Sheri Mills, respectively – are three-year terms.

The deadline to file for a place on the ballot is February 14. The election is held the first Saturday of the month in May, which is May 2.

Interested candidates may complete the online application and return it to the Carroll ISD Administration Center, 2400 North Carroll Avenue in Southlake, during regular business hours. CISD is open Mondays through Fridays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The office will remain open until 5 p.m. on the last day of filing, Feb. 14.

NOTE:  Applications may not be turned in before January 15, the first day for filing.

School Board Candidate Application

To be eligible to run for a school board position, a candidate must meet the following qualifications:

  • Residence — 1 year in state and 6 months in school district prior to filing deadline (Texas Elec. Code, Section 141.001(a); Brown v. Patterson, 609 SW 2nd 287)
  • Age — 18 years
  • Must be a registered voter in territory elected from by the filing deadline (see HB 484 information/link below)House Bill 484 amends Election Code Section 141.001 to provide a new general rule (for most offices) that a candidate must be a registered voter of the territory elected from as of the filing deadline (unless outside law conflicts).FAQ on HB 484

The Carroll ISD School Board received an election update from Scott Wrehe, CISD Assistant Superintendent for Financial Services. The Board will officially call the election in February.

Michelle Moore was appointed in July 2015 to fill the vacancy left after the resignation of Trustee Craig Rothmeier.  Moore was elected in May 2016 to serve out the remaining one year for Place 1 and then was re-elected for a three year term in May 2017.

Bradley Taylor was elected in May 2014 for a three year term for Place 2 and re-elected in May 2017.

Sheri Mills was elected in May 2014 for a three year term for Place 3 and re-elected in May 2017.

Early voting by personal appearance will occur from Monday, April 20 through Tuesday April 28 at Southlake Town Hall. Specific hours and requirements will soon be posted to the CISD Board Election webpage.

Canvassing of the election must occur between May 5 and May 13, 2020.

Trustees elected to Places 1, 2 and 3 will be administered the oath of office at the May 11, 2020 School Board meeting.

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