N. White Chapel Project Continues with Storm Drainage Improvements

Work on N. White Chapel is progressing and still on track.

Storm drainage infrastructure construction for east and west Chapel Downs continues. Work on the storm drainage improvements under N. White Chapel are set to take place along the southbound lane as soon as the temporary road construction is complete to support shifting traffic off of the existing southbound lane.

Recently, contractors have been working to install the road base to support the temporary road construction along the east side of N. White Chapel. Temporary asphalt will begin to be laid on this road base soon and this will allow us to shift both lanes of traffic east and open up the existing southbound lane for demolition and the installation of the storm drainage improvements in this area. The temporary road construction was designed to allow ample room to maintain the turn lanes and existing lane widths throughout construction so that impacts to traffic can be minimized.

Construction of the retaining and screening walls will continue through the fall.

Construction for the N. White Chapel widening project is estimated to be completed by Spring 2022 for an estimated total cost of $17 million.

For more on N. White Chapel, visit www.ConnectSouthlake.com, sign up for the mobility e-newsletter and follow the Southlake Mobility Facebook page.

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Retired Frisco Superintendent To Serve Carroll As Interim

Carroll ISD Trustees voted unanimously Monday night to approve the hiring of former Frisco Superintendent Dr. Jeremy Lyon as Interim Superintendent.
Dr. Lyon will begin leading CISD as the interim on October 15 allowing retiring Superintendent Dr. David Faltys to transition into the role of special advisor through the end of December. Dr. Faltys recently announced his plans to retire after leading the district for 15 years. The School Board engaged Dr. Mike Moses and Mr. David Thompson of Thompson & Horton to conduct the search for the district’s next leader. Lyon will help guide the district this fall while Trustees focus on the search process.
“The Board is excited to have a leader like Dr. Lyon join our team during this important transition period,” said Board President Michelle Moore. “He is personable, a good listener, and has experience leading a large district, which will serve him well as he steps into this temporary role. We believe he is an excellent choice to serve as interim.”
Dr. Lyon is looking forward to helping lead the district through this period of transition.
“Carroll ISD is an extraordinary school district, with a reputation for excellence across this state and nation,” Dr. Lyon said. “I am humbled in my opportunity  to make a small but important contribution to its excellence and success.”
Dr. Lyon is a 1984 graduate of Texas A&M University. He earned his doctoral degree from the University of Texas-Austin in 1999. He served in public schools as a teacher, coach, campus administrator, and superintendent for 31 years. He was a school superintendent for 14 of those years and retired in 2017 from Frisco ISD.
During his tenure in Frisco ISD, the district opened over 20 new schools and developed a partnership with the Dallas Cowboys to build The Star in Frisco. Included in this partnership was the agreement that Frisco ISD’s eight high schools could use The Ford Center at The Star as one of their options for their home football stadium.
Dr. Lyon received the American School Health Association National Superintendent Leadership Award for his effort to improve health outcomes for students and staff in schools. He is passionate about improving health and wellness in schools and is currently working with the American Heart Association.
Dr. Lyon is married to his wife, Dr. Ellen Lyon. They have been married for 36 years and they have two adult sons.
Dr. Faltys believes that Dr. Lyon is a perfect fit to assist the district during this time of transition.
“Dr. Lyon did a masterful job while in Frisco and is highly respected by superintendents across the state,” Faltys said. “The Board has made an excellent choice.”

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Celebrate Southlake’s Birthday with the Mayor’s Alliance 2020 Poster Contest

Southlake is turning 64 on September 22 and everyone is invited come together to share their spirit and celebrate the City we love and call home! To kick-off the celebration, the Mayor’s Alliance for Unity and Culture is hosting a city-wide poster contest, calling for submissions of original art by Friday, September 25.

The theme of the contest is “We are Southlake!” and each artist is asked to visually represent what they love and are celebrating about our community this birthday. Participants are asked to display the posters or art in your windows or front yard for the community to see and enjoy throughout during the City’s birthday week September 20 – 26.

Mayor Laura Hill and the Mayor’s Alliance for Unity and Culture will judge entries and select winners. Winners will be announced September 29.

Art submissions will be judged by age category (see official rules for more information). The winners of each category will have their art displayed on the light poles throughout Southlake Town Square this fall! All posters submitted will be included in a celebratory mosaic, also exhibited in Southlake Town Square, to share the unity and spirit of Southlake.

All art must be the original work of the entrant and should be finished and unframed. Any artistic medium or size is acceptable, but entries must be submitted in vertical/portrait orientation. Winning submissions will be displayed on the light poles in Town Square and may require cropping to fit. Full art contest submission guidelines can be found on the contest website and all guidelines must be met to qualify for entry.

For more information and to submit an entry, visit: CityofSouthlake.com/MAUCArtContest.

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16 Dragons Recognized as National Merit Semifinalists

Carroll ISD is excited to celebrate 16 Dragons who have been named National Merit Semifinalists.

Recently, officials of the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) announced the names of approximately 16,000 Semifinalists in the 66th annual National Merit Scholarship Program. These academically talented high school seniors have an opportunity to continue in the competition for some 7,600 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $30 million that will be offered next spring.

To be considered for a Merit Scholarship® award, Semifinalists must fulfill several requirements to advance to the Finalist level of the competition. Over 90 percent of the Semifinalists are expected to attain Finalist standing, and more than half of the Finalists will win a National Merit Scholarship, earning the Merit Scholar® title.

The following Dragons have been recognized as National Merit Semifinalist:

Beres, Alexander E

Chappel, Wyatt E

Chari, Vivek N

Chuang, Stephen L

Doby, Carter S

Grubbs. William R

Hallenbeck, Luke B

Lau, David W

Lock, Preston L

Lopez, Adam J

Schaunarnan, Logan M

Sweeney, Joseph G

Tadlaoui, Darya

Yang, Jessica L

Zaluckyj, Peter M

Zhou, Isabella

NMSC, a not-for-profit organization that operates without government assistance, was established in 1955 specifically to conduct the annual National Merit Scholarship Program. Scholarships are underwritten by NMSC with its own funds and by approximately 400 business organizations and higher education institutions that share NMSC’s goals of honoring the nation’s scholastic champions and encouraging the pursuit of academic excellence

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Traffic Signal Not Operating? Here’s What to Do.

As drivers and pedestrians, we are often challenged with navigating through inclement weather, construction sites, school zones and bumper to bumper traffic. With all the obstacles you must look out for while driving, a faulty traffic signal presents yet another hurdle. Signal equipment can stop working and cause the lights to flash, or a power outage can make the lights go out completely. Knowing what to do if this happens makes you and everyone around you safer.

Common road safety rules such as watching your speed, refraining from texting and looking out for pedestrians are even more important when approaching a traffic signal that is not functioning properly.

Police officers typically direct traffic at intersections where the signal is in flash or is dark, and drivers must heed their instructions. Officers are there to help keep people safe and traffic moving until the signal is repaired. If officers are not on the scene during a signal malfunction, drivers must follow these rules:

  • Treat the intersection as an all-way stop.
  • Come to a complete stop at the stop line.
  • Pay attention to all drivers and be on the lookout for pedestrians and cyclists. People in the crosswalk have the right of way.
  • Once all traffic at the intersection has come to a complete STOP, the person who has stopped first can proceed first.

For more information about Southlake Mobility and other driving tips, follow our Facebook page.

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What is Backflow and How Does It Affect Water Quality?

While the City of Southlake consistently invests in and maintains quality infrastructure, it is always important to understand how systems work and how you can help us keep Southlake special.

Backflow is a term that describes water flowing in the opposite way from its intended direction, either from a decrease in pressure in the drinking water supply lines or increase of pressure on the customer’s side. The biggest issue that backflow can potentially cause is water contamination, if the proper backflow prevention assemblies aren’t installed and maintained on your plumbing system.

Water is designed to flow towards the point of lowest pressure, therefore if a water main were to break or a surge of fire hydrants were opened to fight a fire, the pressure would drop, forcing the water to flow backwards and potentially carry contaminants into the waterlines. If there is an illegal cross-connection to a source of contamination, which is when a physical connection between the drinking water supply and a possible source of contamination or pollution collide, it could result in the water being unsafe to drink. The most frequent types of cross connections include a water hose in a pool or soapy bucket, water wells connected to irrigation systems, coffee makers and ice machines with direct water lines, and chemical injection units at restaurants.

The good news is that backflow can be prevented by utilizing the proper backflow prevention assembly or an air gap, which is a physical separation between the end of the water supply pipeline and the flood level of the fixture in question. A good example of an air gap is the distance between the bottom of your sink tap and the height of your sink bowl.

The City of Southlake conducts customer service inspections to analyze and remove current or potential cross connections on a consistent basis throughout the year. If you have recently received a letter from the City stating an assembly has not been tested in the last year and are unsure of your records, you can search search here for the last backflow test or call 817-748-8082 to update your file.

If you are a licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester and you’re interested in becoming a registered to test in the City of Southlake, the City has partnered with VEPO LLC for an online database and documentation of backflow prevention and tester registration. Learn more about the process here.

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Attend the 40th Annual Anniversary Virtual Gala for Denton County Friends of the Family

It’s time for the Denton County Friends of the Family (DCFOF) Annual Gala and this year, their 40th anniversary, it will be a virtual experience.

Mark your calendar for Thursday, October 8 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. CST to attend the DCFOF Annual Gala. This event is an important fundraiser to support services for those impacted by rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence. Tickets and sponsorships are available now for an evening of food, entertainment and an online auction.

Enjoy a date night at home while supporting a great cause. Your meal and wine will be delivered the day of the event, directly to the address provided when purchasing meal tickets. Enjoy live and pre-recorded entertainment from your comfy chair or snuggled up together on the porch swing. Get your clicking finger ready, because there will be an online auction beginning Monday, October 5 which will close at 11:59 p.m. CST on Friday, October 9. The auction is open to everyone and attendance to the virtual gala is not required to participate.

If you can’t make the gala, there are other ways to help. DCFOF creates a monthly needs list which is linked to Amazon for easy purchasing and delivery. Direct donations are always welcomed.

DCFOF is the sole provider in Denton County of shelter and free outreach services to those who have been affected by relationship violence and/or sexual assault. Community partners invest in the safety, hope, healing and justice for domestic violence and sexual assault victims and survivors in our community. You are essential to DCFOF’s success, and your investment directly saves lives!

For more information, call 940-783-6350.

Southlake Cares

Visit the Southlake Cares webpage to learn more about our Six-Month Challenge. See where you might fill a need and then click on the button that says Learn More. On that page, there are links to take you to our partners’ websites.  From there, you can choose how you want to make a difference. If you do decide to give, please be sure to indicate Southlake Cares as your honoree.

From now until December, we will feature each one of our partners and tell you how they are helping the City. We will also track the Challenge’s progress to let you know how things are going and if our organizations are encountering a specific need.

We need your help to show we’re Southlake Strong and that Southlake Cares.

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Southlake Business Spotlight – Sanara Yoga & Wellness

This month’s Business Spotlight is Sanara Yoga & Wellness! It is a sanctuary and a complete mind/body experience that offers yoga for adults, athletes and kids, sound therapy, meditation, workshops and much more! Hear fro owner Allison Fullmer about all the great offerings they have and how they’re keeping mind, body and soul well.

Southlake Business Spotlight – August 2020

Sanara Yoga & Wellness is a sanctuary and a complete mind/body experience that offers yoga for adults, athletes and kids, sound therapy, meditation, workshops and much more! Sanara Yoga & Wellness is this months Southlake Business Spotlight so hear from owner, Allison Fullmer about all the great offerings they have and how they're keeping mind, body and soul well!#SelectSouthlake #BusinessSpotlight #LocalBusiness #Southlake #wellness

Posted by Select Southlake on Wednesday, September 2, 2020

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City Council Approves Ordinances to Amend Town Square Signage and Storefront Designs

Businesses in Town Square can now have an individualized look thanks to recent ordinances passed by City Council over the summer.

The modifications to the ordinances allow for greater flexibility for the provision of signage, administrative approval of storefront façade designs, and relieves some restrictions on the use of branding colors.

Town Square has always played a pivotal role in Southlake by serving as the heart of the community with retail, office and hotels which is highly critical for the community economically in terms of attracting visitors and other business opportunities.

The City has made recent modifications to the Town Square sign ordinance and Downtown “DT” zoning ordinance to create flexibility and efficiency in the provision of signage, store front designs and lighting with the intent to create an ordinance that streamlined the review and approval process.

The modifications to the ordinances will increase the variety and diversity in signage types to address new trends in retail while remaining complementary to building designs, the urban pedestrian-oriented environment and further placemaking efforts that may occur in the near future.

For more information on this ordinance, please contact the City of Southlake Planning and Development Services.

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Southlake New Biz List September 2020

This list of new Southlake businesses is provided by the Southlake Department of Economic Development and Tourism to help you see what’s new and what’s coming into the Southlake market! Contact us by Email if are a new business coming into town or if you have any questions about our listings. You may also visit www.SelectSouthlake.com for other business information or follow us on Facebook for the latest business news.

  • Moxie’s Grill & Bar – At Moxie’s they focus on quality food made with fresh ingredients. Their restaurants and menus are inspired by the communities they are part of, from the team they hire to the food they make, it’s an expression of the neighborhoods they inhabit. Moxie’s will be opening this month on September 10, in Southlake Town Square at 1472 Main Street. US.Moxies.com 817 764-2767
  • Inglot Cosmetics – With over 35-year of experience, Inglot Cosmetics is focused on constant development. Since 2006, Inglot has expanded globally and can be found in the most prestigious places such as London, Milan, New York and Las Vegas. Being involved in major projects such as on Broadway, high-quality is extremely important with fair prices going hand-in-hand. Inglot recently opened in Southlake Town Square partnering with L Makeup Institute at 112 State Street. InglotCosmetics.com 214-446-6092
  • WorkSuites – Whether you’re looking for a private executive suite for one or office space for your team or small business, WorkSuites at Southlake offers a variety of flexible workspace options to meet your needs. From traditional executive suites (also known as serviced offices) to day offices, from conference and meeting rooms by the hour to shared co-working space by the month. WorkSuites will be opening on September 7 in Southlake Town Square at 1560 E. Southlake Blvd., Suite 100. WorkSuites.com  888-445-9675
  • F45Training – F45 Training workouts are designed to unify the muscle groups of the body and to help make you feel and perform better in all aspects of your life. F45 is offering some great grand opening sign-up specials for new members. F45 recently opened in Carroll Pointe at 1221 E. State Highway 114, Suite 120. F45Training.com 817-930-2648
  • The Halal Guys – The Halal Guys’ incredible journey begins in 1990 with their three Egyptian founders. They first started a hot dog cart in New York City, then pivoted to selling halal food to taxi drivers who at the time had few outlets for authentic halal food in the five boroughs. Thus, their famous platters of chicken and gyro over rice, falafel sandwiches, and crave-able sauces were born. The Halal Guys are now spreading their great food all over the country and are opening their location in Southlake on September 14 in the Gateway Plaza Shopping Center at 3000 E. Southlake Boulevard. TheHalalGuys.com 817-912-1412
  • Écoutez – The word “écoutez” (eh-coo-tay) means “listen” in French. “Listen” is an important word for Écoutez. They listen to their customers and empower them to listen to the sounds that matter most in their life. Hearing loss happens to most everyone and it can have a serious impact on a person’s life. They work with clients to turn hearing impairment into hearing empowerment. The Écoutez staff is friendly and professional and their testing equipment is state-of-the-art. They curate our selection of hearing aids with comfort, technology, and style in mind. Écoutez recently opened in Southlake Town Square at 1438 E. Southlake Boulevard. Ecoutez.com
  • Banyan Court Capital – Banyan Court Capital (“Banyan”) is a pioneering investment management firm headquartered in Southlake, Texas that focuses on private alternative instruments, particularly life settlements and real estate. The firm was formed in 2018 by a tenured group of investment professionals each with a long-established track record in his respective specialty. Our principals have an average experience of 20 years and over a 100 years of combined industry experience. Banyan Court Capital recently opened at 151 Players Circle. BanyanCourtCapital.com 817-873-8540
  • STOR Self Storage Southlake – Stor Self Storage provides state of the art storage facilities to businesses and individuals in the greater Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas/Irving areas. They are committed to providing superior service while making your rental experience simple and convenient. Stor Self Storage recently opened at 750 Davis Boulevard. StorSelfStorage.com 682-688-4499
  • Guaranteed Rate – Purchasing a home is a big deal, whether it’s your first home or fifth move. They get it. That’s why Guaranteed Rate is a mortgage company that places you and your needs at the center of everything they do. Guaranteed Rate recently opened an office at 539 Silicon Dr., Suite 101. Rate.com 817-769-4692
  • The L.A.B. Med Spa – A medical spa, creating a personalized plan for each patient. The health and beauty of their valued patients is important, which is why the L.A.B. med spa offers a variety of skincare and resurfacing treatments designed to boost your confidence and leave you feeling refreshed and nourished.The L.A.B. Med Spa recently opened at 1910 E. State Hwy. 114. TheLABMedSpa.com 817-251-1000
  • First Light Counseling – Founders, Satchel and Bethany want First Light Counseling to truly be a light in this dark world. They believe in serving their clients well and offering a safe and compassionate environment where important mental and spiritual work can be done. They believe everyone deserves the opportunity to receive healing. First Light Counseling recently opened at 185 S. Kimball Ave., Suite 100. FirstLightCounseling.co 817-756-1440

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