Construction along northern section of I-35W in final stages

If you drive on I-35W north of Loop 820, you’ve probably noticed a significant number of road closures in recent weeks. That’s because crews are in the final stages of general construction on what’s called Section 3B of the massive project.

Final paving work is underway north of the loop, and significant construction operations will continue for the next several weeks as the final pavement surface is prepared and placed throughout the three-mile projects between Loop 820 interchange and U.S. 287.

Make note of these construction-related developments:

  • Both the Mark IV exit ramp and the direct connector from the North Tarrant Express TEXpress lanes on westbound I-820 to the northbound TEXpress lanes on I-35W are now open.
  • The Heritage Trace Parkway entrance, located on southbound I-35W, is open. The left-hand on-ramp is just past North Tarrant Parkway.
  • The Heritage Trace Parkway exit, the last northbound TEXpress lanes on I-35W, is open. The right-hand on-ramp is just past North Tarrant Parkway.
  • U.S. 287 south entrance to I-35W and northeast Loop 820 access is a left-hand on-ramp just past North Tarrant Parkway.
  • The off-ramp from southbound I-35W to westbound Spur 280 at downtown Fort Worth will remain closed through January 2018.
  • The off-ramp from eastbound I-820 to Beach Street has reopened.

Construction of the I-35W project in Fort Worth consists of two major phases. Most of Phase 1, which was developed by the Texas Department of Transportation, is now open. Drivers can use the new NTE TEXpress Lanes on I-35W to travel from just north of Northeast Loop 820 to US 287.

TEXpress lanes are toll lanes that are built within an existing highway. They add additional capacity to the highway to accommodate more traffic and relieve congestion. Unlike other toll roads, the price changes based on the level of traffic in the corridor to maintain a minimum 50 mph speed.

The TEXpress lanes are fairly new to the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are unlike other toll roads in North Texas or throughout the state. It is the driver’s choice to drive in the TEXpress lanes and pay the tolls or to drive in the adjacent non-tolled general highway lanes.

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