Founder and president of Fort Worth-based RFD-TV to be featured on CBS Sunday Morning

This Sunday at 8 a.m., popular national television series CBS Sunday Morning will feature founder and president of Rural Media Group Patrick Gottsch. The episode will showcase Gottsch’s 20-year journey with RFD-TV and his mission to serve rural America in an urban-dominated media environment.

RFD-TV has evolved into Rural Media Group, which includes a sister station in the Fort Worth Stockyards, The Cowboy Channel and a Sirius XM satellite radio station, Rural Radio on Sirius XM channel 147.

The vision for RFD-TV started with two main goals in mind: to serve the needs and interest of rural America, specifically farmers and ranchers, and to reconnect urban viewers with their rural cousins.

Gottsch left farming in 1984 and began installing satellite dishes throughout eastern Nebraska. He quickly realized the need to develop a television network that would serve the needs and interests of rural America not being addressed by urban cable channels. RFD-TV launched in December 2000.

“To have a feature story on CBS Sunday Morning is truly a dream come true for our company,” Gottsch said. “I grew up watching Charles Kuralt host the original Sunday Morning show. Postcards from Nebraska was my favorite segment, and I can’t help but believe that this quality program strongly influenced the desire to form a whole network with similar content.”

Tune into CBS Sunday Morning at 8 a.m Sept. 13 on KTVT-11.

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