Higher water bills attributable to higher temperatures

The long stretch of 100-degree-plus days without rain in July and August has meant increased water use that is now being reflected on customers’ latest bills. Those bills have the water utility fielding a higher number of calls than usual for this time of year.

But after checking, the bills are accurate. Customers likely used more water attempting to maintain their lawns and landscapes during the intense heat.

Water use this summer has rivaled the record-setting amount used in 2011, the last time North Texas experienced several consecutive days of extreme high heat. That year still holds the record, but 2018 has come close, despite Fort Worth’s population increase of about 125,000 people.

The utility credits conservation efforts by Fort Worth residents for the lower water use.

“The reason the 2011 historical water usage record was not exceeded this summer is primarily due to water efficiency improvements and conservation initiatives implemented by our customers,” said Water Director Chris Harder.

Of the top 30 water-use days this year, 27 were in July and August and three were in June.

Residents used the most water ever on Aug. 3, 2011, when the utility provided 367.98 million gallons of water, nearly 12 million gallons more than the top day this year. Fort Worth also supplies water to 30 other cities and entities.

Here are the top 10 days of water use in 2018:
July 25. 356.16 million gallons.
July 21. 355.54 million gallons.
July 19. 352.78 million gallons.
July 26. 352.50 million gallons.
July 22. 349.50 million gallons.
Aug. 4. 343.49 million gallons.
July 18. 341.71 million gallons.
July 28. 339.29 million gallons.
Aug. 1. 339.10 million gallons.
Aug. 5. 337.17 million gallons.

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