Hopscotch inspires Wedgwood South neighborhood

With a hop and a skip, the Wedgwood South neighborhood was inspired with the age-old children’s game of hopscotch.

As neighborhood residents began spending more time outside on daily walks and bike rides during stay-at-home orders, one neighbor decided to make those walks a little more fun. She drew a hopscotch game on the sidewalk in front of her house.

To everyone’s surprise, many walkers stopped to participate, teach their kids how to play and hop down memory lane. The simple game has since been the inspiration for other residents to join in on the sidewalk entertainment. Several neighbors noticed the game’s popularity on their walks (and through Facebook posts) and decided to create even more games in front of their homes.

Who knew a round of hopscotch could build so much community? Wedgwood South Neighborhood Association President DeVonna Tinney said that not only are walkers enjoying added enjoyment, they are “helping with egret concerns by taking horns and noisemakers on their walks to ward them off. It has been a neighborhood effort.”

With a modest game and some noisemakers, neighbors have found some encouragement and new ways to join together in a time when we need to stay apart.

What is your neighborhood doing to stay connected and engaged during the stay-at-home order? Let us know.

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