May is pothole month, and reporting them is easy

Potholes are a problem that can wreak havoc on roads, not to mention the damage they can do to vehicles that hit them.

May is Pothole Month in the City of Fort Worth, so instead of swerving when you see them and driving on by, report those potholes. The city’s Pothole Crew will fix them.

How to report potholes

Report potholes online or by calling the 24-hour phone line at 817-392-1234.

Be prepared to provide this information:

  • Your name (optional but encouraged).
  • Contact information (optional but encouraged).
  • The exact location of the pothole and/or direction of travel (required).
  • The size and dimensions of the pothole: length, width and depth (optional but encouraged).

Keep in mind, potholes are no larger than 3 feet in diameter. Anything larger than this should be reported as a “street repair” or “base failure.”

View the Pothole Crew in action.

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