McPherson Park showcases wind art

Donated by the Colleyville Garden Club, the three sculptures feature the kinetic designs of the world’s foremost wind sculptor. McPherson Park is located at 240 McDonwell School Road in the northwest section of town.

The sculptures are fabricated from copper, steel, and stainless steel to provide beauty and strength. Each Wind SculptureTM is secured against theft, and rests on a sealed ball bearing at the top of a vertical rod. They also come with a steel ground-mount receptacle for simple installation. Lyman’s designs permit the sculpture to be responsive to the currents of the wind, allowing changing forms to emerge in a slight breeze, yet balance in high winds.

The weathered color pallet fits extremely well with a variety of locales; the rust, brown, tan and green are all elements of the applied patina. The copper and stainless steel elements have a glistening effect as they move in the sun and low lighting definitely enhances the appeal at night. The sculptures are intriguing when caught in one’s peripheral vision for a second, but not a diversion; up close, the experience is mesmerizing and interactive.

The Colleyville Garden Club has been an enthusiastic partner in working to beautify the city, including providing the landscape at the historic Webb House and the Streets of Gold project. For more information on the Colleyville Garden Club, .

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