New plan provides road map for city’s economic development

Fort Worth will unveil a new strategic plan for its economic development efforts to ensure the city can compete regionally and internationally.

“The City of Fort Worth has an opportunity – even a responsibility – to capitalize on its growing size, influence and economic potential,” said Robert Sturns, director of the Economic Development Department. “The plan is a road map for the city’s economic development program. Just as important, it is a call to action so that Fort Worth can embrace its status as a major U.S. city and compete on the national and international stage.”

The executive summary and four supporting volumes are available online.

The plan is structured around a bold vision: To compete successfully on the national and international stage for creative, high-growth businesses and the talented individuals who fuel them.

Supporting that vision are goals addressing competitiveness, creativity and community vitality.

There have been internal strategic plans and annual work plans for the City of Fort Worth Economic Development Department, but no comprehensive economic development strategy. Partner organization have had their independent strategic plans, but this plan is intended to provide some overall goals and insight to provide alignment in priority areas, Sturns said.

The strategic plan outlines key metrics for the city and partner organizations. Consultants also will conduct a one-year assessment to see how the Economic Development Department is progressing with the goals and metrics.

While some of the 200-plus recommendations are longer term, the plan is focused on a five-year time frame, 2018-2022. There should be progress in a fairly short timeline, Sturns said.

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