New rules of procedure in place for residents addressing Council meetings

The City Council approved new rules of procedures for residents who want to speak at City Council meetings. The new rules go into effect Nov. 30.

Here’s what you need to know:

Sign up to speak

Everybody who chooses to speak before Council must register by 5 p.m. on the day of the meeting. There are several ways to register:

  • Drop by the City Secretary’s Office on the third floor of City Hall, 200 Texas St.
  • Call the City Secretary’s Office at 817-392-6150.
  • Filling out a speaker card online using the links available on the online Council Agenda.

Written comments may be submitted in lieu of making an oral presentation.

Make your presentation

  • Begin by stating your name and your city of residence.
  • You will be allowed three minutes to address the Council. The meeting chair, at his or her discretion, may reduce the time to two minutes per speaker.
  • Group presentations are permitted as long as a speaker is representing at least 10 other people. Provide those names when you register. All 10 people must be present in the Council Chamber and will be asked to stand and be recognized when their name is called.
  • Group presentations can be up to six minutes long; however, if all 10 people are not present, the presentation is limited to three minutes.

Rules of conduct

Residents have the right to criticize policies, procedures, programs and services, but speakers must stick to the time limits and stay on topic.

New rules of conduct prohibit behavior that fails to yield the floor when the speaker’s time is concluded; is not relevant to the agenda item or city business; repeatedly interrupts a councilmember; disturbs the order of the meeting; involves loud, threatening, hostile, abusive, vulgar or obscene language; and intends to break up the council meeting with prolonged loud yelling or clapping.

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