OneAddress service aims to improve customer experience through technology

Curious about the location of your nearest community center? Want to check out recent crime incidents in your neighborhood? Or learn about a new building going up down the street?

All of these tasks are easier thanks to the City of Fort Worth’s OneAddress service.

Fort Worth launched an open data program in 2016 to help make government data freely and publicly available for anyone to use. OneAddress includes several datasets:

  • Police incident information.
  • Code Compliance cases.
  • Permitting and applications.
  • City councilmember contact information.
  • Neighborhood patrol officer contact information.
  • Code Compliance officer contact information.
  • Neighborhood association meeting and contact information.

OneAddress is among a slate of improvements that go hand in hand with the concepts of citizen engagement and ease of service that city officials and staff have been emphasizing over the last several years.

Plans call for incorporating data and apps on a regular schedule with a continuous flow of data that can be accessed by anyone, without charge, online.

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