Preparedness only takes a few minutes

Be truthful with yourself: if a natural disaster or massive terrorist act happened in Fort Worth, are you and your family prepared to seek shelter in your residence for an extended period? If your answer is no, it’s never too late to start preparing.

While the likelihood of a major disaster or a large-scale terrorist act happening in Fort Worth is small, there is still a chance. Severe weather can strike at any time of the year in North Central Texas. Remember the tornado that struck Garland on Dec. 26, 2015, and the cobblestone ice storm of 2013?

Manufacturing and transportation accidents involving dangerous materials happen frequently on a smaller scale, and there are plenty of opportunities for people with bad intentions to make a name for themselves.

Residents of North Central Texas should take steps to prepare for any type of incident by making plans, building emergency kits for both their home and vehicle and practicing what actions they will take if the need arises. It’s always best to be prepared for uninvited trouble, whether it comes or not.

You can get preparedness information and tips by visiting the regional KnoWhat2Do website.

Residents can also help local law enforcement by keeping an eye out for suspicious activities in their workplace and neighborhoods. Call 911 for emergencies, or in a non-emergency situation, call 817-392-4222.

If you hear something or read a social media post about someone planning or threatening violent attacks, contact the Fort Worth Police/Homeland Security Unit hotline at 817-392-6677.

You are the eyes and ears of the community, so if you See Something, Say Something. Help keep Fort Worth safe.

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