Public art dedication scheduled for Highland Hills Community Center

The Welcome Space, by artist Sedrick Huckaby, is the latest commissioned artwork to be added to the City of Fort Worth’s Public Art Collection and is located at Highland Hills Community Center.

The artwork will be dedicated at 6:30 p.m. July 23 at Highland Hills Community Center, 1600 Glasgow Road. The public is invited.

Two outdoor benches have the appearance of couches covered by quilts, welcoming visitors by seating them among the patchwork of community members who have graced the neighborhood over the years. The sitting area is one that recalls the African American artistic legacy of quilting and handmade crafts. Its jubilant color reflects the celebratory palette in many traditional African cultures.

The cultural quilts acknowledge the quilted past of the community, with some patches featuring portraits as a way of illustrating the variety of people who have made up this close-knit community. The portraits feature people of different ages and genders, while not naming anyone specifically, and also include other institutions commemorating the neighborhood’s history and heritage.

The artist was born in 1975 in Fort Worth. His formal education in art started at Texas Wesleyan University. He then transferred to Boston University, where he received extensive training in studio art. For graduate studies, he went to Yale University. He was named the Texas State Artist for 2018.

To learn more, contact Project Manager Alida Labbe at 817-298-3034.

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