Special Needs Assistance Program aids the entire community

A man-made accident, terrorist act or severe weather disaster can strike quickly and without warning. All Fort Worth residents should know what to do and quickly move to shelter in these situations, but residents with a disability can find it especially difficult to get out of harm’s way.

According to the July 2016 U.S. Census Quick Facts Report, 7.8 percent of Fort Worth residents under the age of 65 were reported to have some type of disability. That is more than 66,000 Fort Worth residents, and that number grows substantially when you add in residents 65 and older.

That is why the City of Fort Worth hosts the Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP).

This SNAP program is not federal food stamps, but a local database that contains information about residents with disabilities who may not be able to evacuate their homes, or simply want to provide advance information on their disability to emergency first responders.

SNAP registration is available in English and Spanish, does not define or limit what a disability would be, is free to all Fort Worth residents and should be reviewed annually to keep information current.

Register online, call the Office of Emergency Management at 817-392-6170 or mail a registration request including name and contact information to: Office of Emergency Management, 200 Texas St., Fort Worth, TX 76102.

Emergency management personnel will assist residents with phone and mail registration.

Information provided in the SNAP program helps emergency management personnel plan for future disasters and provides advance knowledge of the resident’s specific disability to emergency first responders after a disaster or 911 call.

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