Students experience behind-the-scenes look at city departments

Fort Worth hosted students the week of June 10-14 for the Fort Worth ISD Vital Link Program. The program encourages students to connect what they learn in the classroom to what they will need to succeed in the workplace.

Middle school students received an interactive, behind-the-scenes look at City of Fort Worth operations by exploring different departments each day:

  • Students learned about community building and city services with the Community Engagement Office. Then Cable TV showed students how to videotape, interview and cut audio.
  • Students headed to the Office of Emergency Management to experience a firsthand look at a disaster response exercise.
  • Transportation & Public Works hosted students as they helped engineers design safe crosswalks and sidewalks. They got a tour of the sign shop before heading off to the Water Department where the students took a tour of the Holly Treatment Plant.
  • Students participated in a waste sorting activity with Solid Waste, showing how much “trash” can be recycled to save landfill space.
  • Students visited City Hall and the Performance Office to learn about the city’s budget. The week ended with a celebration congratulating students on all they learned.

A video, created by the students, highlights the fun week of learning about City of Fort Worth careers.

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