City to Take Part in Water Assessment Program

City Council renewed an agreement to participate with Wachs Water Services, A Division of Pure Technologies U.S. for the annual Water Valve Assessment Program and leak detection services on Tuesday at the November 19 City Council meeting.

This is the fourth year the City has participated with this program which assesses the condition of the water valves to ensure proper functionality in the event of a possible crisis by providing asset management, leak detection services and water quality improvement.

The program also confirms valve and hydrant location as compared to the City’s GIS database, operability and leak assessment.

This year, Wachs will assess approximately 665 small diameter water valves by locating and collecting GPS coordinates of these water valves, test the operation of these valves, and identify which valve requires repairs and/or improvements.

Funding for this service is provided by the FY 2020 Utility Fund and Water Operating Budget.


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Trinity River Vision draft assessment report now available

A draft report on the Trinity River Vision project is now available for viewing.

The Trinity River Vision Authority (TRVA) is responsible for implementing a public infrastructure project that provides needed flood protection and fosters the development of a pedestrian-oriented urban waterfront district in Fort Worth known as Panther Island. At the same time, the project will deliver what will be one of the largest urban programmed parks in the country, Gateway Park.

View the draft report.

Statement from TRVA Board President G.K. Maenius

Last Wednesday, July 10, The Trinity River Vision Authority Board of Directors met in its regularly-scheduled monthly meeting. As part of the meeting’s agenda, there was an update concerning the Trinity River Vision’s (aka: Central City Flood Control Project’s) pending programmatic review. Earlier that day, we had received the draft report from our outside independent consultant (Riveron). At the time of this meeting, neither I, nor any TRVA board member, had the opportunity to review Riveron’s draft review.

Industry best practices call for an internal review of a draft report to ensure that the data underlying the development of findings, and eventually the making of recommendations, is accurate. At last week’s meeting, the TRVA board members were provided with a copy of the draft report and asked to submit any comments directly to Riveron. It was also stated at last week’s meeting that when Riveron presented its final report to the board, both the draft and the final versions of the programmatic review would be released to the public. While there was much board discussion about the time necessary to respond to the draft report, we agreed that there should be a reasonable internal review period.

One week has passed since that meeting and our TRVA board members have now either provided corrected information or will be completing their comments shortly to Riveron. I apologize for any confusion over this approach, but verifying the draft report’s accuracy was our only goal for conducting an internal review.

However, since the board meeting, a copy of the draft report was given to various media sources. Therefore, today as president of the TRVA board, I am publicly releasing Riveron’s draft programmatic review so that any interested party has full access to it. A link to review this draft report will be available on the home websites of Tarrant County and Trinity River Vision Authority. I am also asking that the Tarrant Regional Water District and the City of Fort Worth consider posting Riveron’s draft report on their websites, along with this statement.

Again, both the draft and final versions of Riveron’s programmatic review are public documents for guiding the TRVA board and its governmental partners to the successful completion of this critical flood control and community project.

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City to participate in Water Assessment Program

City Council recently signed an agreement to participate with the consulting services Wach’s Water Services, A Division of Pure Technologies U.S. Inc. for the annual Water Valve Assessment Program in conjunction with leak detection services.

Wach’s Water Services is a professional services company that primarily assists utilities with asset management, leak detections and water quality improvement.

The purpose of assessing the condition of the City’s water valves is to be ready for emergency preparedness; by evaluating the valves early, it can help ensure that they can properly operate in case of a crisis operation or a sudden event, in addition to allowing Public Works to quickly locate and isolate the valves. It will also allow crews to properly shut off the flow of water in a particular pipe segment that may cause flooding and/or property damage.

The assessment will take place in two phases. Phase I will include the evaluation of 300 valves to validate operational functionality and correct any deficiencies prior to the beginning of Phase II.

Phase II consists of a unidirectional flushing program through a partnership with the City’s consulting engineering firm, Freese & Nichols. The UDF Program involves strategically closing of valves and flushing specific fire hydrants to recreate friction between the water and interior of the water line. It is also a cost-effective way to clean the lines, which enhances water quality and protects public health.

Emergency preparedness is a top priority for the City and checking the water system for vulnerabilities is a proactive measure to improve response time and prevent further damage. Three areas of the UDF Program were identified in the City’s Water Quality Evaluation completed by Freese & Nichols.  Wach’s has been assisting the City with the design of the sequencing of valves by utilizing the GIS data.

“Our partnership with Wach’s has proved valuable thus far with the implementation of a valve assessment program,” said Southlake Water Supervisor Kyle Flanagan.  “We have three years of valve assessments under our belt already here in Southlake, which equates to roughly one-quarter of the valves in our distribution system,” he continues, “This critical program is essential for our utility; we have assessed areas such as our commercial district including Town Square.”

Several neighborhoods have also received this service as it enhances the City’s reliability to ensure valves are functional, plus it identifies and prioritizes the isolation valves that need repair.  “As our distribution system ages, our goal is to make sure it works as designed.  Southlake valve crews are repairing these valves identified in our program for emergency preparedness,” said Flanagan.

In addition to the valve assessment leading into opportunities such as the UDF Program, it has also been identified as a best practice in the water industry.

“The leak detection portion, which is separate, is for situations where conventional leak detection methods cannot locate leaks; we may need specialized services and equipment brought into locating the leak.  Our Water infrastructure is under expensive pavement and we try to be as accurate as possible when locating an area to excavate to repair a leak.  Some leaks we have had to insert cameras with acoustic listening devices inside live pipelines to pinpoint leaks. These are the type of services Wach’s has provided to us,” notes Flanagan.


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Two meetings to discuss Assessment of Fair Housing

Learn about the Assessment of Fair Housing that got underway in 2017 at two upcoming public meetings:

  • Feb. 21, 6-8 p.m., Worth Heights Community Center, 3551 New York Ave.
  • Feb. 27, 6-8 p.m., Northside Community Center, 1100 N.W. 18th St.

These meetings, hosted by Fort Worth Housing Solutions and facilitated by the North Texas Regional Housing Assessment, are intended to report priorities as established through feedback gathered in public engagement efforts so far and to hear the community’s comments on draft goals and strategies that may be included in the final Assessment of Fair Housing report.

The City of Fort Worth is going through a planning process to create a fair housing plan, called the Assessment of Fair Housing. The process is required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The yearlong effort will collect community input and analyze housing-related data to help develop a five-year strategy on how to increase housing access for members of protected classes in Fort Worth.

All cities that receive federal grant funds from HUD are required to prepare an Assessment of Fair Housing. To help create these plans and to ensure consistency, HUD is providing data analysis and a mapping tool for each city’s population, federally-assisted housing and a number of other factors that affect local access to housing opportunity.

To learn more about the upcoming public meetings, contact Fort Worth Housing Solutions at 817-333-3400.

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SLPD Accreditation Assessment Offers Public Opportunity for Comment

A team of assessors from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA) will arrive on December 10, 2017, to examine all aspects of the Southlake Police Department, to include:  policies and procedures, management, operations, and support services.

The purpose of the on-site assessment is to verify the Southlake Police Departments compliance with the Commission’s nationally recognized law enforcement standards.  The accreditation process not only recognizes law enforcement agencies for professional excellence, it also provides the agencies with opportunities for continuous improvement.  Participation in the accreditation process is voluntary.

As part of the on-site assessment, employees and members of the community are invited to offer comments at a public information session on Monday, December 11, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, located inside Town Hall at 1400 Main Street, Southlake, Texas 76092.

If individuals are unable to attend the public hearing and wish to provide comments to the assessment team, they may do so by telephone on Monday, December 11, 2017, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at (817) 748-8984.  This phone line will be answered by a member of the CALEA assessment team.

Telephone comments and appearances at the public hearing are limited to ten (10) minutes per person and must address the Southlake Police Department’s ability to comply with CALEA Standards.  A copy of the standards manual is available for examination during regular business hours at the Southlake Library Reference Desk.  The phone number for the Library Reference Desk is (817) 748-8247.

Individuals wishing to submit written comments about the Southlake Police Department’s ability to comply with the accreditation standards may write to Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA), 13575 Heathcote Boulevard, Suite 320, Gainesville, Virginia 20155.

The Southlake Police Department has been accredited since 2000 and must comply with over 400 standards to maintain accredited status.  According to Chief James Brandon, “We are excited to take part in this process as it allows us to be transparent to the community we are sworn to serve and continue to find ways to improve our service delivery”.

The assessment team is comprised of law enforcement practitioners from out-of-state agencies of similar size.  While on-site, the assessors will review written material, conduct interviews, tour facilities, observe static displays, ride with officers, and attend patrol briefings.  The 2017assessment team is comprised of the following two CALEA Assessors:

Mrs. Blythe Frausto                                    MSGT. Michael Halloran

Mesa, Arizona                                              Loveland Police Department, Loveland, Colorado


After completion of the review of the Southlake Police Department, the team will file a report with the Commission.  The Commission will then determine whether Southlake Police will be granted re-accredited status.

For more information regarding the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc., please write the Commission at 13575 Heathcote Boulevard, Suite 320, Gainesville, Virginia 20155 or call (703) 352-4225.

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