Students Take Part in COVID-19 Ask the Mayor Video Conference

Last week, a group of Carroll ISD students got the opportunity to ask Southlake Mayor Laura Hill questions about the city’s response to the recent outbreak of COVID-19. Questions ranged from how to support local businesses to what is the first thing you want to do when this ends.

Over the thirty-minute conversation, Mayor Hill listened and specifically answered each of the student’s questions. Johnson Elementary student, Millie Black asked the mayor what is her biggest challenge in keeping the citizens of Southlake safe during this virus?

“When I ran for mayor, I never envisioned that I would be sitting here talking to our citizens, young and old about a pandemic,” Mayor Hill answered. “I know students are having to learn to study different right now, I am having to learn how to mayor differently.”

Mayor Hill went on to talk about the importance of listening to the worries and needs of Southlake residents, how we can support the restaurant and small businesses in the city.

“It is time to shop Southlake for everything. Shop Southlake!”

Walnut Grove student, Finnegan McDevitt asked what will Mayor Hill do first as soon as the social distancing guidelines and public gathering guidelines are lifted.

“I am going to hug the first person I see and go to a restaurant and order a big pizza and enjoy time with my friends”

Below you can view the entire conversation

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City to Take Part in Water Assessment Program

City Council renewed an agreement to participate with Wachs Water Services, A Division of Pure Technologies U.S. for the annual Water Valve Assessment Program and leak detection services on Tuesday at the November 19 City Council meeting.

This is the fourth year the City has participated with this program which assesses the condition of the water valves to ensure proper functionality in the event of a possible crisis by providing asset management, leak detection services and water quality improvement.

The program also confirms valve and hydrant location as compared to the City’s GIS database, operability and leak assessment.

This year, Wachs will assess approximately 665 small diameter water valves by locating and collecting GPS coordinates of these water valves, test the operation of these valves, and identify which valve requires repairs and/or improvements.

Funding for this service is provided by the FY 2020 Utility Fund and Water Operating Budget.


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Learn the latest on recycling and Fort Worth’s part in the global movement

Fort Worth is hosting its first “State of Recycling in Fort Worth” on Facebook Live at 10:30 a.m. Nov. 16 on the Keep Forth Worth Beautiful Facebook page.

The recycling market around the world is changing, yet recycling remains extremely important to global resource conservation — and just as essential in growing cities like Fort Worth. Taking endless truckloads of trash to the landfill is not working in today’s society.

Hear from the city’s Code Compliance assistant director, along with Waste Management’s general manager for Fort Worth operations and Republic Services’ general manager for Fort Worth operations as they talk about today’s recycling market and how it affects Fort Worth residents.

Register online for the conversation.

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Cowboy Santas to become part of Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program

Since 1980, thousands of low-income families in Tarrant County have received holiday toys from the Cowboy Santas program.

This year, a new partnership with the Salvation Army will bring even more smiles to children’s faces.

The Cowboy Santas board has determined that the best way to continue serving local families is by merging with another nonprofit organization. Beginning Oct. 1, Cowboy Santas becomes part of the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program.

Along with its the familiar red kettles, the Angel Tree program is one of the Salvation Army’s highest profile Christmas efforts. Cowboy Santas will add more families — especially from Fort Worth and Tarrant County — to the Angel Tree program. This year’s collection effort is expected to be the largest toy drive in North Texas.

Participation in Cowboy Santas has waned over the last decade. Between 2008 and 2012, an average of 11,477 children were served each year. However, in more recent years, the number of children receiving gifts was down to an average of 9,348 per year.

An analysis of Cowboy Santas costs showed that the program would not be able to stand on its own as a nonprofit organization without an annual boost from the city’s General Fund and other city-supplied resources. Donations to the program fluctuated, making it difficult to anticipate how much city support would be needed.

The Cowboy Santas warehouse on North Main Street will close on Aug. 30, and all existing clients will be urged to apply to the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. Angel Tree provides toys and clothing for children up to 14 years old.

Angel Tree applications will be accepted beginning Sept. 30. Applicants can go to one of Fort Worth’s Community Action Partners sites to register. Other options include the Southeast Arlington CAP site, 1601 E Lamar Blvd., Suite 201, in Arlington, and on Saturdays at the Salvation Army Warehouse, 229 E. Felix St.

Visit the Cowboy Santas website to learn what is needed to apply.

Residents wishing to help the program can adopt an Angel at an area shopping mall during the holiday season. Companies that would like to continue to support these families during the Christmas season can sponsor an Angel Tree or make monetary or toy donations to the Angel Tree program.

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Access to part of Trinity Park will be limited for Mayfest

The Mayfest area of Trinity Park will be closed to the public April 22-May 8 for the 47th annual Mayfest setup, takedown and the four-day family festival.

The Trinity Park Loop Trail provides a lighted detour connecting the Trinity Trail north and south ends of the closure. The Loop Trail ensures that trail users can continue to use the trails while the Mayfest portion of the park is closed.

In addition, beginning April 22, the area of Trinity Park where the Dream Park is located will be temporarily closed in preparation for Mayfest. The Dream Park will be open to all Mayfest attendees during the festival and will reopen to the public on May 9.

Seven parks with playgrounds can be found within a one-mile radius of Trinity Park, providing great options for residents and visitors seeking a playground.

The mission of Mayfest is to raise and contribute funds for the Trinity River, surrounding parks and community programs. Mayfest has returned more than $7.5 million to the Fort Worth community over its 47-year history. Examples of improvements Mayfest has funded include LED lighting and structures throughout Trinity Park, the Phyllis J. Tilley Memorial Pedestrian Bridge signage and landscaping, as well as five trail connections along the Trinity Trails.

To learn more about park access, contact the City of Fort Worth Park and Recreation Department at 817-392-5700 or Mayfest at 817-332-1055.

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Train bridge construction to close part of Sylvania Avenue

Construction of the new Sylvania Avenue train bridge for Trinity Railway Express is scheduled to begin the first week of March.

Two lanes of Sylvania Avenue will be closed while a large pier is drilled and poured to support the new structure across the road. These lanes are expected to be closed through the first part of April.

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Do your part to keep Fort Worth from being a terrorism target

Between July and September 2018, the U.S. Attorney’s Office charged dozens of people with domestic and extremist acts of terrorism. Arrests and convictions have been made in Texas, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Massachusetts and Hawaii — and that’s just a few of the cases.

  • The Texas case involved a man making and possessing the biological toxin ricin in his home. Ricin is a poison with no known antidote.
  • A case in Ohio involved a man who “expressed anti-American sentiments and expressed a desire to recruit people to kill Americans.” He planned to “have a bomb blow up in the 4th of July parade” in Cleveland. He had taken photographs and videotaped the route as part of his surveillance planning.
  • In Hawaii, a U.S. Army sergeant pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support to ISIS. The sergeant regularly watched ISIS propaganda videos online, expressed a desire to join ISIS, and spoke approvingly about committing acts of violence.
  • In Missouri, a Veterans Affairs clinic patient informed a staff member that there was a man in the parking lot making statements about obtaining explosives and blowing up the clinic. Police were called and the man was arrested and indicted.

Many of these terrorist acts failed because someone reported suspicious behavior or actions to authorities. A University of Maryland study, Jihadist Terrorist Plots in the United States, found that most jihadist plots in the U.S. are intercepted at an early stage. Community or family tips to authorities helped foil 17 percent of identified jihadist terrorist plots in the U.S. between 1993 and 2017.

You can do your part in keeping Fort Worth from becoming a target for terrorism. If you see, read or hear something that could lead to a terrorist act, report it to the Fort Worth Police/Homeland Security Unit Hotline at 817-392-6677. Your message will be recorded and immediately relayed electronically to authorities.

Call 911 regarding an emergency or current criminal activity. Non-emergency calls such as code violations, illegal parking and nuisances should be reported to the police non-emergency number, 817-392-4222.

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Surveillance cameras being installed as part of Stop Six revitalization program

As the next step in a $2.56 million investment in the Cavile Place/Stop Six community, surveillance cameras are being installed to help improve public safety.

About two dozen mobile surveillance cameras are being installed to help the Fort Worth Police Department keep a 24-7 eye on known hot spots of criminal activity.

About the Stop Six initiative

The targeted area is bordered by Rosedale Street on the north, Ramey Avenue on the south, Stalcup Road on the east and just west of Edgewood Terrace on the west.

The City Council set aside $2.56 million in funding to implement capital projects aimed specifically at improving neighborhoods. This funding may be designated for targeted neighborhoods on an annual basis.

The revitalization has a dual purpose: increase public safety and improve the looks of the neighborhood.

Depending on results, similar revitalization programs will be rolled out in a different neighborhood in the coming years.

View a new video that shows the positive impact this program is having on Stop Six.

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New Sanitary Sewer Lines Being Installed as Part of Southlake Capital Improvements Program

On May 1, 2017 Wilson Contractor Services will begin installing new eight inch sanitary sewer lines as part of the City of Southlake’s Capital Improvements Program. The work will be performed roughly 7 AM to 6 PM each day of the week, except Sundays and municipal holidays.

This project will include three locations throughout the City:

  • Commerce Street & Market Loop
  • N. Carroll Avenue & E. Highland Street
  • Summerplace Lane.

Weather permitting, the project is anticipated to be completed by fall 2017. Little to no interruption of City’s services and minimal traffic impacts are anticipated during construction.

Thanks to various reports of maintenance issues along these lines by the Southlake Public Works Wastewater Divisions, the lines are being replaces to help maintain an efficient Sewer system. The new lines will be larger than current lines and will be compliant with City standards.

“The replacement and maintenance of wastewater lines is vital to our City’s infrastructure, which is why we continually assess and evaluate our wastewater system so we can provide our residents with the highest quality of service,” remarked Public Works Director Rob Cohen.

Please contact Public Works at 817.748.8098 with any questions or concerns.

Commerce & Market Loop CIP Work
Carroll & Highland CIP Work
Summerplace Lane CIP Work

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Be a Part of Our Next DPS Citizens Academy

Do you want to learn more about the inner-workings of the Police and Fire Departments? Would you like to see the City from high atop a Southlake fire ladder truck and receive expert training in firearms at the gun range? If so, then you need to sign up for our next DPS Citizens Academy.

Applications are now being accepted.  The Southlake Citizens Academy program is designed to provide members of the community with a working knowledge of the Police and Fire Departments.

Academy attendance increases awareness about public safety. Academy graduates gain valuable insight into each department while often building lifelong relationships in the process.

Classes meet once a week for approximately 10-weeks beginning in September, 2016. Academy members will gain knowledge and have lots of fun through classroom participation and many hands-on activities including: weapons demonstrations at the firing range, participation in a controlled burn, fingerprinting, use of police and fire equipment, and ride-outs with each department.

Space is limited, so submit your DPS Citizens Academy application soon.

If you have any questions, contact our public education team (Renni Burt or Valerie Snyder) at


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