TEXRail named project of the year

Trinity Metro’s new commuter rail line, TEXRail, was honored as 2018 Project of the Year by the Regional Hispanic Contractors Association.

The RHCA Pillar Award was awarded to Trinity Metro and Archer Western Herzog, a joint venture company formed to lead project management for the construction of TEXRail.

Winners were chosen based on many factors, including leadership diversity and inclusion, community involvement and awards and recognitions. The TEXRail project launched with an established goal of 30 percent M/WBE participation. At the end of the project, the M/WBE participation was 36 percent.

Trinity Metro is the sole owner and operator of TEXRail, a 27-mile commuter rail line that runs from downtown Fort Worth to Dallas Fort Worth International Airport’s Terminal B.

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The White Chapel Widening Project – What You Need To Know

Construction on N. White Chapel Boulevard between SH 114 and Emerald Boulevard has been a major topic lately. Road closures, lane switches and major construction have all had some type of effect on our commute to school, work or just day to day activities. In order to understand what is going on, let’s take a dive into the “Why”.

The Tarrant County region is rapidly growing and as more motorists utilize our roadways, an increase in traffic is expected.

In order to plan for the future growth of the region, the City and associated traffic, the City developed the Mobility Master Plan, which is a component of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. This plan has developed recommendations for roadways, sidewalks and bicycle facilities with the intent of meeting the City’s mobility related goals and objectives.

The widening of N. White Chapel Boulevard and SH 114 and Emerald Boulevard has been a recommended project in the City’s mobility plan for a number of years.

N. White Chapel Boulevard between SH 114 and Emerald Boulevard is a main road that travels through Southlake. Being that N. White Chapel is a highly accessible roadway, it is important that mobility and transportation needs are met. In order to accommodate our residents, pedestrians and the traffic, the City devised a plan to expand N. White Chapel Boulevard.

Regarding the Comprehensive plan, once projects are included as a recommendation, those items can be included in the City’s Capital Improvement Program, often referred to as the CIP. The CIP plan is a five-year plan that includes but not limited to the purchase of construction or replacement of the City’s physical assets, roads and highways being one of them. So how does this all work together? The overall goals and objectives of the Mobility Master Plan and the CIP both help implement the goals and objectives of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. With approved recommendations and funds allocated toward the project, the expansion of N. White Chapel Boulevard has been well underway.

The project involves expanding the two-lane road to a four-lane road divided roadway with a dual-lane roundabout at the intersection at Highland Street.

The project will be completed in two phases, one which is the construction of the roundabout at Highland and the widening of N. White Chapel from SH 114 to Highland and two, the widening from Emerald to Highland. “By increasing the roadway capacity, this will help improve traffic operations and provide safety for residents and visitors,” said Senior Director of Planning and Development Services Ken Baker.

The City will also incorporate aesthetics such as trees, shrubbery, street lighting, trails and other amenities that adhere to Southlake’s street design standards.  The project will also include utility and drainage improvement.

The widening is an estimated $10.825 million capital investment in the City’s transportation system.

To date, crews have installed water lines, new sanitary sewer lines, new storm drains, paved portions of the roundabout and paved portions of north and southbound lanes. Council recently approved an Engineering Services Agreement for Phase II of the project which includes landscaped medians, a replacement screening wall on the East side of N. White Chapel along with sidewalks and installation of a traffic signal at Ascot Drive.  This will surely improve mobility in Southlake.

Major construction began in 2018 and is estimated to be completed by 2021.

For updates, follow Southlake Mobility on Facebook and visit www.ConnectSouthlake.com



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Council Approves Engineering Services Agreement for Phase II for N. White Chapel Widening Project

City Council has approved an Engineering Services Agreement with Freese and Nichols to provide third-party construction management services for the second phase of the widening of N. White Chapel Boulevard which includes expanding the road from Emerald Boulevard to Highland Street.

The widening project is a part of the City’s Mobility Master Plan and will expand the current two-lane road to a four-lane road.

“Improving mobility in Southlake is one of our top priorities,” stated Public Works  Director Rob Cohen, “With that in mind, this project is going to help improve the connectivity between FM 1709 and SH 114.     The expanded roadway is also going to help improve school traffic in front of the high school.”

The plan will also include landscaped medians, a replacement screening wall on the East side of N. White Chapel Boulevard and sidewalks will be added to accommodate pedestrian traffic for the school. The temporary traffic signal at Ascot Drive will also become a permanent installation.

To add, the franchise utility companies are currently relocating both the gas and communication lines in the construction zone.

This project is scheduled to start in the Spring of 2019. For updates, follow Southlake Mobility on Facebook and visit www.ConnectSouthlake.com

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End in Sight for TxDOT FM 1938 Project

The good news is that the TxDOT FM 1938 widening project has made significant progress in the last few months. The construction of the underground drainage structure has been completed, and construction of the Myers Meadows screening wall is well underway.

The not so great news is that until these final phases are completed, the area will remain a work zone. Work to be done includes:

  • Completion of a screening wall along the Myers Meadow subdivision and
  • Paving the remaining north and southbound lanes at the north end of the project.

As work continues, the light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter. Now that the drainage structure has been completed, paving operations for the remaining area at the north end of the project are expected to start in the coming weeks. In the last few weeks, crews have been focused on backfilling the massive drainage structure. The new northbound lanes are expected to be completed in the next month or so then traffic will be switched again to allow for the construction of the southbound lanes.

“We know this TxDOT project has taken much longer than anticipated, but like many construction projects, it’s hit a few snags along the way. The good news is the end is in sight,” notes Public Works Director Rob Cohen. “Once completed this FM 1938 corridor will be a great addition to the City of Southlake and provide more connectivity to SH 114. We’re looking forward to it.”

The Myers Meadow screening wall underground utility relocations have been completed allowing crews to continue the construction of the screening wall. In the last few weeks, underground piers have been completed, and concrete work on the columns has started. Once the columns are complete the next step will be to install the wall panels. Work on the screening wall is expected to last a couple more months. Once completed, the wall will be a welcome aesthetic barrier from the road for the Myers Meadow subdivision.

Stay up-to-date with construction updated by following Southlake Mobility on Facebook.

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2019 Brings More Progress on N. White Chapel Widening Project

With the New Year comes the excitement for new things to come. In Southlake, 2019 will bring a new and improved N. White Chapel Boulevard.

Crews have been steadily making progress on the widening of N. White Chapel between Highland Street and SH 114. Part of a larger N. White Chapel improvement project, when completed there will be a new dual-lane roundabout at Highland and N. White Chapel. Gone will be the two-lane road motorists are used to, and in its place will be landscaped divided four-lane road.











The second part of this Capital Improvement Project will be the widening of N. White Chapel from Emerald Boulevard to Highland. When completed, N. White Chapel will be a four-lane road from FM 1709 to SH 114.

Since spring 2018 crews have:

  • Installed a new 12-inch water line
  • Installed new sanitary sewer lines
  • Installed new storm drains
  • Paved portions of the roundabout, and
  • Paved portions of north and southbound lanes

“We are pleased with the progress of this project. It will be a much-needed improvement,” noted Public Works Director Rob Cohen. “It was a wet fall, but despite the rain, we still made significant progress and are still on track for a fall 2019 completion of this phase of the overall improvement. The additional lanes and new roundabout will make a positive difference for motorists on this section of N. White Chapel.”

As the project continues to move forward, motorists can expect lane switches and lane closures, however, two-way traffic will be maintained throughout the project. As always, motorists are reminded to use caution and be aware of their surroundings as they drive through the construction zone.

For updates follow Southlake Mobility on Facebook and visit www.ConnectSouthlake.com.

NWC No border utilities

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Lane switches on N. White Chapel widening project starting January 2, 2019

Despite Mother Nature’s attempts to slow down construction projects across the region with heavy rainfalls in the past months, the N. White Chapel widening project continues to remain on schedule. As the project moves forward, construction crews will be doing more work on existing roadways and are planning for some lane switches starting Wednesday, January 2, weather permitting.

Map indicating lane switch at SH 114 beginning January 2, weather permitting.

A major lane switch, starting towards the end of the week, will be at the north end, where N. White Chapel meets SH 114. Starting at SH 114, all traffic will be switched to the new northbound lanes for approximately 900 feet before crossing over the existing lanes to the new southbound lanes. All traffic will travel on the southbound lanes until re-entering the existing roadway approximately 400 feet south of Highland Avenue. This lane switch is only expected to last a couple of days.

Temporary lane switch in preparation for full lane switch.

There will be some temporary moving lane switches earlier in the week as crews prepare for the long term switch.

Motorists also need to be aware of some changes in roadway elevation during the lane switches. Temporary pavement will be added to bridge the new lanes to the existing lanes. “Driving over the temporary pavement will feel like a speed bump, so I’d like to encourage motorists to take it easy as they cross over those sections,” notes Deputy City Engineer Steven Anderson.

Signage will be in place to help motorists navigate the lane switches. Visit ConnectSouthlake.com and follow Southlake Mobility on Facebook to stay up-to-date with Southlake road projects. Have questions about this project? Give Southlake Public Works a call at 817-748-8098.

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What’s the latest with the N. White Chapel Widening Project?

One of the easiest ways to delay a construction project is rain. While the region has seen a lot of rain lately, the N. White Chapel widening project has not been one of Mother Nature’s victims.

There has been minimal activity on site due to the heavy rainfall, but the project remains on schedule.

“Even though we have had a significant amount of rain lately, we’re in good shape,” said Deputy City Engineer Steven Anderson. “The utility work is almost complete with about 95 percent of the work done. Once the weather lets up, we should be able to start rolling on paving.”

The 12-inch water line and sanitary sewer installation are complete, and the storm drain installation is about 50 percent complete.

Paving on the northbound lanes is expected to begin soon. Once the prep on the roadway base is complete, actual paving will begin. Motorists will notice an increase in concrete trucks entering and leaving the site.

Once again, drivers are reminded to use caution when traveling through the work zone.

Stay up-to-date with this project by following the new Southlake Mobility page on Facebook, sign up for the mobility email list, look for stories on My Southlake News and check out the project webpage on the City website.

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Final designs for North Beach Street public art project unveiled Sept. 22

Join Mayor Pro Tem Dennis Shingleton and Councilmember Cary Moon, along with artist Christopher Fennell, for the North Beach public art project kickoff at 9 a.m. Sept. 22 at the Fort Worth Police Department’s Sixth Patrol Division, 8755 N. Riverside Drive.

Fennell will present his final design for the 12 large-scale weathervane sculptures that will be installed along approximately three miles of the North Beach Corridor, from Shiver Road to Timberland Boulevard. Each weathervane features an animal sculpted from upcycled materials collected from the community.

Thanks to a partnership between Fort Worth Public Art and the city’s Code Compliance Department, the public is invited to drop off materials for the artwork at the Hillshire and Brennan drop-off stations. The artist is asking for these materials: baseball bats, hubcaps, birdhouses, trashcans, mailboxes, bicycles, shovel heads, car and truck bumpers, lawnmower blades, chain-link fencing, fence posts, automotive springs and airplane wings.

To learn more, contact Fort Worth Public Art at 817-298-3027.

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