Southlake Awarded Platinum Scenic City Certification

The City of Southlake is proud to be one of only 13 cities in the state to earn Scenic City Certification for the 2017-2022 time period. Southlake received Platinum status, and is one of only 13 cities in the state to have this designation.

The award was presented on October 5, by the Texas Municipal League (TML) at their Annual Conference and Exhibition in Houston.

“Southlake’s roadways and public spaces receive a great deal of emphasis within our 2030 and 2035 comprehensive plans because the designs of roadways help define a City and install a ‘sense of place’,” said Senior Director of Planning and Development Services Ken Baker. “We are honored by the award because it recognizes Southlake’s long-term commitment to creating the best city possible,” Baker added.

The mission of the Scenic City Certification Program is to support and recognize Texas municipalities that implement high-quality scenic standards for public roadways and public spaces. Southlake was awarded platinum status by obtaining a score of more than 90 percent of possible points and meeting the three mandatory requirements:

• Trees and landscaping along city streetscapes, such as major roadways, city streets, street medians or in parking lots.
• Prohibition of new off-premises signage (billboards).
• On-premise signage permitting.

“Scenic City Certification shines a light on Southlake’s strong commitment to high-quality standards for public roadways and public spaces,” said Anne Culver, executive vice president of Scenic Texas. “This recognition is intended to support cities that have a long-range vision, and we hope it incentivizes other cities to follow Southlake’s example.”

Scenic City took note of the Southlake’s Comprehensive Plans, when making its selection, especially the urban design plan component. Southlake’s urban design plan is aimed at ensuring high visual quality public spaces to help define the character of the City.

Learn more about Scenic City here and visit the Comprehensive Planning website to keep up-to-date with the process.

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Colleyville receives Scenic City Silver recognition honors

Colleyville recently received a silver level certification in the Scenic City Certification Program. This is a first-time recognition for the city in this program.

Among local governments, the Scenic City designation is an important recognition for the work done by cities at the local level. Despite its name, the Scenic City designation is not a beauty contest. Instead, it is predicated on smart decisions made by local government in development, redevelopment, and growth in a community. According to the Scenic City organization, having a network of ordinances, rules, regulations, and programs that earn the Scenic City designation improves property values, attracts new businesses, enhances economic development efforts, and improves the quality of life for its residents. For more information on the Scenic City certification, visit the .

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