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A Royal Ball in Southlake: 2018 Sweetheart Dance

Calling all princes and princesses to attend the Royal Ball on February 3, 2018! Enjoy a regal evening of dancing, sweet treats and activities for all ages.

The City of Southlake is hosting its annual Sweetheart Dance, at Legends Hall at The Marq. This year’s theme is a Royal Ball. Bring your prince or princess to the Royal Ball for a memorable night filled with grandeur photo moments!

This year’s Royal Ball Sweetheart Dance offers two sessions, one from 5:30-7 p.m. and one from 7:30-9 p.m. Both sessions will feature a live DJ, light refreshments and photo opportunities in the elegant Traditions Ballroom at Legends Hall, a court fit for a queen or king.

Registration is required, and the cost of admission is $15 per person. Children under two are free! Register online  or call (817) 748-8019 for more information.

Date: February 3, 2018

Session 1: 5:30 – 7 p.m.

Session 2: 7:30 – 9 p.m.


Legends Hall at The Marq Southlake

Traditions Ballroom

285 Shady Oaks Drive

Cost: $15 per person (Children under two are free.)

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Southlake Police K9 Officer and Partner Duco Receive Top Honors

Congratulations to Southlake Police K9 Officer Nate Anderson and his partner Duco for receiving the Top Patrol Dog award at the annual K9 conference held in Dallas.

Officer Anderson and Duco recently attended a conference hosted by the North American Police Working Dog Association (NAPWDA) to obtain their annual re-certification. There were approximately 26 teams in attendance. Following the conference and certification process, awards were given out for three categories: Top Dog, for overall performance, Top Narcotics Dog and Top Patrol Dog. Duco and Officer Anderson were awarded Top Patrol Dog. The Top Patrol Dog award is based on performance for obedience, apprehension, tracking, and building and area search.

“It’s a great feeling to know that individuals with years of training and experience recognize your passion and hard work. It’s definitely a compliment to Duco and me as well as our training group,” said Officer Anderson.  Officer Anderson and Duco are credited with assisting the Southlake Police Department, and other police agencies, with numerous drug and suspect searches, as well as other crime-fighting cases. They have been partners since February 2015.

Officer Anderson and Duco are dual certified. In addition to their patrol certification, they carry a narcotics certification through the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDDA) program.

It is an honor to have this incredible team working for the Southlake Police Department and helping to keep our citizens safe. Congratulations again Officer Anderson and K9 partner Duco.

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Track the Progress of The Marq Southlake Champions Club on EarthCam

You may have noticed the progress of The Marq Southlake Champions Club. Something is happening almost every day.

You can keep up with the progress, daily or weekly, by clicking on the Earthcam link. Champions Club is scheduled to open in fall 2018.

Once completed, the facility will be a 6,000 plus square feet fully functioning fitness center with cardio and strength training. Members will also enjoy the indoor aquatics center with lap lanes, spa, water slides and a lazy river, a child watch center, 50+ group weekly fitness classes, full-size basketball court, 1/16 mile indoor track and an indoor playground for the kids plus so much more.

Remember to track the progress of Champions Club by periodically checking this Earthcam link.

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Southlake Officers and Firefighters Sworn In and Promoted During DPS Promotional Ceremony

New Southlake Police Officers and Firefighters were sworn in Thursday night at the annual Promotional Ceremony at the DPS North Training facility.

After the swearing in of new officers and firefighters, others were recognized for recent promotions and several were honored with the Meritorious Conduct and Lifesaving Awards for their heroic efforts. Southlake Police Chief James Brandon and Fire Chief Mike Starr spoke at the event along with Mayor Laura Hill.  “I’m so honored to be a part of this celebration of commitment, hard work, and dedication. It makes me so proud to be your mayor,” said Mayor Hill.

“Becoming a police officer is a calling,” said Chief Brandon. Like all Southlake first responders, these men and women never shy away from danger. They instinctively run towards it and that’s why their work has life-changing effects that ripple throughout the community. “It is a desire to protect the innocent and serve the community,” added Brandon.

Each officer and firefighter chose a loved one to pin their new badge on them; either their spouse, one of their children or a parent to do the honors. It’s always a very special and emotional ceremony. “We recognize that it’s not just the officer or firefighter who makes a sacrifice. It’s also the employees’ spouse and family who make great sacrifices simply by having a loved one that is a dedicated first responder,” said Chief Starr.

The Meritorious Conduct Award went to Officer Brad Uptmore. On January 22, 2017, Officer Uptmore Officer Uptmore selflessly worked to remove the driver from a burning vehicle by trying to pry the driver’s door free. Realizing that the door was wedged shut due to the damage from the collision, Officer Uptmore then made an attempt to cut the seatbelt in order to free the driver. With the fire encroaching into the interior of the vehicle and beginning to burn the driver, Officer Uptmore used a jacket in an attempt to keep the flames away from the trapped driver.  He continued working until Southlake Fire Department personnel arrived on scene and extinguished the fire.  Officer Uptmore was subsequently treated for injuries he received in his attempt to save the driver’s life.

Fire personnel Cody Brazelton, Chase Sanderson, J. Moloney, and Jason Wise received the Lifesaving Award. On April 8, 2016, these first responders responded to a motor vehicle collision on State Highway 114 service road near the intersection of Dove and White Chapel. Personnel arrived at the scene quickly and found several vehicles involved, some with major exterior and interior damage. Crews rapidly assessed numerous patients and found one to be in dire need of immediate care. The patient was a 1 month old female found unresponsive and not breathing, still secured inside her car safety seat. Fire personnel performed a swift but focused medical and trauma assessment then promptly transported the child to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. The expeditious and advanced emergency care provided by fire personnel helped stabilize the patient which ultimately led to a positive outcome for the patient and her family.

These first responders exemplify the dedication and professionalism of being a Southlake Police Officer and Firefighter.

Congratulations to all of our new staff promoted staff and recipients of the Meritorious Conduct and Lifesaving awards.


New Police Officers           Promoted Officers                                         

Brad Uptmore                               Lt. Jose Luna

Jamie Hannah                              Sgt. Jason Henniger

Kyle Meeks                                   Sgt. Jonathan Macheca

Ricky Holder                                 Cpl. Preston Logan

Raymon Cannon                          Cpl. Chris Milton

Tony Pate                                     Cpl. Robert Briggs

Bobby Cure

Diedre Spears

Stephanie Warren


New Firefighters                  Promoted Firefighters                 


Chris Horne                                   Jimmy Elliott, Engineer

Nicolas Miles                                 Wes Adams, Engineer

Daniel Miller                                  Ricky Davis, Lieutenant

Cody Pierson

Joshua Borsky

Alfredo Del Valle

Kaleb Gilliam

Lester Gomez

Jared Higgins

David Hill

Kurt Hill, Deputy Chief


Lifesaving Award            

Joshua Brady

Cody Brazelton

Chase Sanderson

J. Moloney

Jason Wise


Meritorious Conduct Award

Officer Brad Uptmore



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Southlake Water Utilities Continues Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing

Southlake Water Utilities will continue sanitary sewer smoke testing through the month of November. No smoke testing will be conducted the week of Thanksgiving.

Southlake Water Utilities, in partnership with RJN Engineering, has been conducting sanitary sewer smoke testing since mid-October.  Smoke testing is performed in order to help locate any possible problems with the sanitary sewer system. To perform the testing, RJN personnel will need access to manholes which are located in streets, front yards, back yards and public utility easements.

To help notify residents prior to testing, RJN representatives will be going door-to-door in the testing areas to provide door hangers with information and to answer any questions. RJN field personnel are uniformed and possess identification badges. Homeowners do not need to be home during this project and at no time will field crews need to enter your home or business. Southlake personnel will also be on site during testing to help answer any questions. Residents can also look for roadside message boards in the testing area.

Some residents may notice smoke coming from roof vent stacks on houses or from the ground. The smoke is non-toxic, and does not create a fire hazard. Deputy Director of Public Works Cristina McMurray says this testing is common practice, “This type of testing is a common method for a visual inspection of the sanitary sewers. This procedure helps identify any issues so that we can address them and make the necessary corrections to the City’s collection system. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We are happy to help. ”

While the smoke should not enter your house, if it does, it could be an indicator of defective plumbing or dried up drain traps. If this does happen, residents should consult with a licensed plumber for repairs. The information gained from this study will be used to improve the sanitary sewer collection system.

If you have any questions, please call Public Works Operations at (817) 748-8082 or Amanda Voss, Project Manager with RJN, at
(214) 491-8574.  Please follow the City’s and the DPS Facebook page and Twitter for daily updates.

November Sewer Testing Map

Testing area for month of November

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Southlake City Council to Continue Short Term Rental Discussion

At their November 7, 2017 meeting City Council will discuss, during work session, possible approaches to regulating homes that are used as Short Term Rentals (STRs) within Southlake. The Work Session will begin at 5:30 PM in Southlake Town Hall.

At their September 5, 2017 meeting, City Council held a discussion regarding short term home rentals. Residents were invited to speak and City staff provided an overview of how Southlake and other cities currently regulate STR properties.

In an effort to continue the conversation and learn more about the research conducted by staff since the September 5 meeting, City Council will once again revisit the topic at the November 7 meeting.  “Our goal is to provide the best possible information to residents and the Council as we explore this topic,” said Planning and Development Services Senior Director Ken Baker.

Here’s how you can participate:

A webpage was setup on the City’s website where residents can submit comments about STRs using the contact form.

Online comments will be provided to City Council. You may also subscribe to the STR webpage to receive updates from the City regarding this topic using the email subscription box on the STR webpage.

If you have any questions about the upcoming work session, please contact the Planning and Development Services department at (817) 748-8621. You can also visit the Short Term Rental webpage at

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Suspect in Southlake Home Invasion Arrested

One of the suspects in the May 2, 2017, home invasion of a Southlake residence has been arrested.

Timothy Scott Scoggins

Timothy Scott Scoggins

He is 37-year-old, Timothy Scott Scoggins.  He was identified through a DNA match from evidence left at the scene. Police are currently working to identify the other suspect wanted in connection with the home invasion. Police are re-issuing a sketch of him in the hope that someone may recognize him.

The home invasion occurred shortly before 1:00 p.m. on May 2. The resident stated she was at home when a male approached her front door and advised he was looking for his dog.  When the victim opened the door, the male forced his way inside the residence and contacted the second suspect via walkie-talkie. The suspects, who were both armed with firearms, restrained the victim inside her home and demanded money and other valuables.  When the homeowner’s adult son returned home, the suspects fled the scene in a black newer model GMC SUV.

Southlake police are searching for the second suspect who is described as a white male in his early 30’s, around 6’0” tall and heavyset. At the time of the offense, he was wearing a baseball cap with a “Cub Scout Leader” emblem in black and neon green embroidery, thin brown wireframe glasses, a long-sleeved button-down dress shirt, dark pants, and dress shoes.

Second suspect sketch

If you have any information about this case or the suspects involved, please contact Southlake Police Detective J. Ellis at or at (817) 748-8123.

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Healthy Appetites, Head to Southlake: Multiple Eateries Now Offer Health-Minded Menus

Southlake is quickly becoming a hub for those who have a healthy appetite for nutritious, delicious and convenient meals.

Month after month, hungry customers are satisfying their appetites as more health-inspired restaurants open in Southlake. Protein Fit Kitchen opened in August, followed by Fresh Fit Foods, Eat Fit Go opened in October, and Unleavened Fresh Kitchen has plans to open in November.

Located in the Park Village Shopping Center at 1151 E. Southlake Boulevard, Protein Fit Kitchen serves chef-prepared, nutritionally-balanced meals and snacks with various dine-in and carry-out options. Run by Chef Kalen Jane, a former contestant on Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay, the restaurant offers various protein-packed meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with snacks, mylkshakes (made with nut milk) and tonics. Guests can dine inside the restaurant, pick up to-go orders, grab prepared options from the cold cases, or even choose customized weekly meal prep. Although Protein Fit Kitchen was the early adopter of the healthy eating trend in Southlake, it is now seeing competition.

With a similar concept, Fresh Fit Foods is a short drive to 2450 E. Southlake Boulevard, located in Wyndham Plaza. The restaurant offers breakfast options, lunch and dinner choices, including burgers, salads, and build-your-own plate or burrito, smoothies, their signature Protein Donut for dessert, and Fresh Fit Kids choices. Owned and operated by Andrew Simmons, a health-conscious active member of the United States military, the restaurant caters to active lifestyles by offering freshly prepared meals on order, packaged meals for quick pick-up in cold cases, weekly meal plans, and catering. For additional customer convenience, Fresh Fit Foods can even be delivered through DoorDash, the on-demand restaurant delivery service.

Having had success with military catering, Simmons wanted to expand his passion for healthy meals by serving a broader customer base.

“I wanted to bring nutrition to the table for everyone. Cost and convenience are the two main contributing factors to the obesity epidemic in our country. Healthy food shouldn’t be expensive or inconvenient to enjoy, and I wanted to change that. Fresh Fit Foods offers affordable, nutritious meals to people who simply don’t have time to prepare their own food or don’t enjoy cooking,” stated Simmons, adding that he has hopes of opening additional locations in North Texas.

Located in the adjacent shopping center at 2600 E. Southlake Boulevard, Eat Fit Go recently opened its doors October 4. The franchise offers walls of cold cases filled with prepared and packaged meals that are made fresh daily, never frozen, preservative-free, low sodium, high protein, and allergy-friendly. Healthy options include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, protein bars, and meals for kids. The menu rotates every three to four months to incorporate seasonal ingredients.

As the name implies, the store truly is a grab-and-go style. Although the eating options are plenty, no food is prepared on order. Customers simply choose meals from the cold cases, and can either take their meals to-go or can make use of three in-store microwaves for reheating. There are roughly 40 Eat Fit Go locations currently open in the country, with more locations opening soon.

“We are happy to be in Southlake. Even though there are quite a few healthy restaurants in town, we’re setting ourselves apart with the quality of our food, our attention to detail, the flexibility we offer customers for mixing and matching a week’s worth of meals for one standard price, and the ‘scannable’ feature on all of our meals for MyFitnessPal, the diet journal and calorie counting app,” stated Amnia Elbasheer, the general manager of the Southlake location.

Opening in November at 250 State Street in Southlake Town Square, Unleavened Fresh Kitchen will soon join the mix of healthy eateries. With an established location in Dallas, Southlake Style reports that three new Metroplex locations will also open within the next year, including Southlake.

As the website states, it is “a fast-casual restaurant serving a completely fresh take on the classics.” Specifically, Unleavened offers a fresh take on breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items by offering customers the option of having their food wrapped in unleavened flatbread. For example, breakfast items can be wrapped or served on potato hash. Lunch or dinner items can be wrapped or served on a bed of greens. Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan menu items are available, as well as healthy choices for kids. With dining in the restaurant, call ahead for takeaway orders, catering, and delivery options through Favor and Caviar delivery systems, Unleavened offers fresh food with convenience.

If you’re hungry for variety, look no further than Southlake. The multiple new and nutritious restaurants are giving customers satisfying options, while also bringing a bit of healthy competition to each other.

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Southlake Water Utilities Works to Repair Water Pump

The City of Southlake Water Utilities department identified a water leak at one of its pump stations Monday morning. Emergency crews are working to make repairs as quickly as possible.

Some customers may experience less water pressure during this time. All Southlake Water Utilities customers are asked for their cooperation to help conserve water Citywide. Additionally, all customers are asked to refrain from operating their irrigation systems until the repair has been completed. Repairs are expected to last several days.

Please contact Southlake Public Works Operations with any questions at 817-748-8082.

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Tesla Gallery and Charging Stations Sparking Interest in Southlake Town Square

Southlake Town Square is charged and ready to welcome Tesla enthusiasts. The new Tesla gallery, a show room for the electric car manufacturer, opened on September 23 in a roughly 4,500 square foot space across from the Apple Store. A 10-spot Supercharger station will open later this fall in the west parking lot near Carroll Avenue.

Southlake makes the eighth gallery location in Texas for the California-based automaker, which also has more than 100 gallery and store locations across the country. According to a Tesla spokesperson, the new gallery opening will better serve the increased interest in Tesla vehicles in the region, further connecting Texas communities to the company’s mission of a sustainable energy future.

Although franchise dealer laws restrict Tesla from selling directly to buyers in Texas, gallery visitors can still learn about Tesla’s electric vehicles, visit with highly knowledgeable on-site staff, and can even enjoy test drives of the Model S and Model X to understand the many benefits of Tesla ownership. Prospective buyers can order a vehicle online or talk on the phone with Tesla employees in California.

According to Tesla Model S owner and Southlake resident Rick Bollar, there are several reasons for owning a Tesla—conservation and energy security, air quality, not being dependent on gas fuel, and performance (without engine noise)—all included with a 250-mile range.

“This range lets us do anything we want in the metroplex without considering ‘range anxiety.’ I often drive from Southlake to Dallas to Fort Worth to Southlake, and still have enough charge left to do the same drive a second time,” stated Bollar.

After acquiring his second Model S in Seattle, Bollar even turned the experience into a cross-country vacation through western Canada and the United States, making use of Tesla’s network of Superchargers, before returning to Texas.

Southlake Town Square currently has six public chargers for all electric vehicles, but will soon join the network of Tesla Supercharger stations with 10 Tesla-installed chargers. Texas residents currently have access to 29 Supercharger stations in the state, most placed along main highways. According to Tesla, the Supercharger Network is designed to be the fastest, most convenient, and extensive charging network in the world.

Aside from serving local and regional Tesla owners, the Southlake Supercharger station will also serve long-distance travelers who may not have otherwise stopped in Southlake, which is one of few locations in Texas to offer attractions within walking distance from chargers.

“Southlake is the perfect destination for visitors to stop and enjoy shopping, dining and entertainment while charging their vehicles. Tesla owners can even drop by the gallery to visit with staff about new software updates for their cars,” said City of Southlake Senior Marketing Manager Jill Lind.

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