Southlake Firefighters Train to Hone Skills

Southlake Firefighters never slow down. Whether it’s responding to a medical emergency, a fire call, a major traffic accident, or attending a public education event for the community, the men and women who make up the department are always on the go.

Even with this busy schedule, crews make time to hone their skills through ongoing training. Recently, firefighters received hands-on training for Street Level Airway Management (SLAM). “It’s important for every firefighter to be able to care for a patient in various difficult scenarios,” said EMS Battalion Chief Ryan Arthur.

In most situations, firefighters are going to be able to place a patient on a level surface like the floor or ground, but in some cases it’s just not possible. For example, what if firefighters respond to a patient who suffers a medical condition while working underground beneath a manhole? It’s a cramped space with low visibility. Firefighters are trained to lower personnel crew into the manhole, stabilize a patient; including making sure their airway is open, before securing them to the stretcher and bringing them to the surface for transport to a hospital.

Firefighters from A, B, and C shift spent several hours over three days perfecting techniques and learning from the best in their field. The classes are taught by the department’s experienced Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Field Training Officers (FTOs). “The FTOs are experts in their field and do an amazing job. Training in this type of environment is so important and helps firefighters think outside the box,” said Fire Chief Mike Starr.

The SLAM course uses hands-on training aids to help firefighters get the most accurate experience before utilizing their skills on patients. “It’s more realistic than working with only plastic tubes that are made to mimic a human’s trachea or lungs,” said Arthur.

The SLAM training also includes use of a special camera that’s inserted into a mannequin’s trachea. During training, obstructions are put in place to allow firefighters to problem solve. It allows them to see what they normally can’t see in a real situation. The camera can also be used in treating a real patient with an airway obstruction. “Time is critical when you are trying to clear an airway and restore breathing in a patient,” said Arthur.

Ongoing training is an important part of the mission of the Southlake Fire Department and why it has a #1 rating with the Insurance Service Office (ISO) and the State Fire Marshal’s office. The highest rating a Fire Department can receive.

Southlake residents can breathe easy knowing firefighters and the Southlake Fire Department are dedicated to the safety and protection of your community and are always working to serve you better.

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Tarrant County College Partners with North Texas Specialty Physicians to Train Health Care Professionals

FORT WORTH, Texas (Jan. 17, 2017)
In keeping with its longstanding commitment to equip workers to fill jobs in high demand careers, Tarrant County College has partnered with The North Texas Specialty Physicians Holding Company, LLC. (NTSP), to provide job training funded by a $248,757 Skills Development Fund grant from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).
The grant will develop and enhance new and existing skills with a health care focus in customer service, data administration, sales and leadership for NTSP employees. Provided solely by TCC, training will benefit 215 participants, including 62 new hires.
TWC Commissioner Julian Alvarez will present a check to TCC Chancellor Eugene Giovannini, Ph.D. and North Texas Specialty Physicians representatives during a ceremony in Fort Worth.
Friday, Jan. 20
10 a.m.
Tarrant County College Opportunity Center
5901 Fitzhugh Avenue, Room 1330
Fort Worth, TX 76119

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Council passes resolution opposing TEX Rail and permanently barring train station

Item 9a:

Citing citizen concerns and a need for clarity, Mayor Newton and Mayor Pro Tem Putnam had requested a resolution be placed on the agenda stating Colleyvilles opposition to TEX RAIL and permanently barring the citys participation in the construction of any rail station within the city limits of Colleyville. After some discussion, Mayor Pro Tem Putnam suggested a change in the wording of the resolution from,never subjected to voter input, to never subjected toinput at the county level.

WHEREAS, the TEX Rail project has never been subjected to voter input at the county level, thereby depriving the public and taxpayers any say over the project; and

The City Council approved the resolution with the wording change.

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City of Southlake Senior Activity Center Members take a Ride on the Grapevine Vintage Railroad Stockyard Trinity River Train

32346891Join the City of Southlake Senior Activity Center members on the Grapevine Vintage Railroad Stockyard Trinity River Ride on Friday May 30, 2014. The Southlake Senior Activity Center bus will depart from the Center at 1:30 p.m. and will return back to the Center at 5:00 p.m.  Please note that the arrival and return times are subject to change.

Attendees will travel to the Fort Worth Stockyards with a beautiful view along the Trinity River. Two seating options are available for purchase, First Class for $15.00 and Touring Class for $10.00. The first class seating includes A/C, victorian-style upholder seats and an attendant service during the excursion (not wheelchair accessible). The Touring Class offers open-air travel with vintage wooden backed bench seating and is wheelchair accessible.

The train tickets are to be purchased by attendees at the train station. The event cost due to the Senior Center is $3.00 and will be paid when you register. All other costs (concessions, souvenirs, etc.) are to be covered by the individual.

If you are interested in signing up for this exciting outing, you can register at the Southlake Senior Activity Center, located at 307 Parkwood Drive.  For more information, please contact (817) 748-8315.

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