Three ways to give yourself a safety advantage

World events prove that a natural or manmade disaster can strike anywhere and at any time. To help protect yourself, be proactive in seeking ways to stay out of harm’s way. Here are three methods designed to give you an advantage when it comes to your personal safety:

  1. The Office of Emergency Management recommends all residents get a NOAA All Hazards Weather Radio to receive severe weather alerts directly from the Fort Worth office of the National Weather Service.

  2. Fort Worth uses outdoor warning sirens to provide an audible warning to residents who are outdoors so they can seek shelter in a sturdy building and seek information during severe weather events, an act of terrorism or other manmade disaster. These sirens do what they are designed to do: provide a warning for people who are outside. But if you are inside your home or business and cannot hear the sirens, how will you be alerted? An alternative is as simple as picking up your cell phone or logging in to your email.

  3. During an emergency, the Fire Department’s Office of Emergency Management sends emergency text alerts to your cell phone or email. Registration for this service is quick, and it’s available to all Fort Worth residents and visitors:

    • First, determine what ZIP code you want the alerts to cover, such as where you live or work.
    • Second, text that ZIP code to 888777. That’s it, your cell phone is registered.

If you want to sign up for multiple ZIP codes, such as your home and your work location, kids’ school or your favorite sports venue or weekend event, you can register online. You may register for three types of messages:

  • Alert. Emergency situations such as severe weather events or a manmade disaster.
  • Advisories. Weekly outdoor warning siren tests, traffic or street closures, etc.
  • Community. Grand openings of public facilities, citywide events, public services, etc.
    Simply choose which classification of message you would like to receive and for which ZIP codes. If you want alerts to cover the entire city, use the word FortWorth instead of a ZIP code.

The Fort Worth Office of Emergency Management provides these text alerts at no cost to residents. Depending on your personal cell phone package, you may incur a data service charge when you receive the alerts. Check with your service provider to determine if additional charges apply.

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